Saturday, November 1, 2008

Remember When

1.When you could just ride your bike across town to see a friend.
2.After the football game everybody rushed up to the rock gym for the big dance .
3.The pep rallies for the football team .
4.Skipping school
5.Trying to figure out a reason to tell your parents for being late .
6.Waiting to get your drivers permit.
7.Turning 16
8.Staying up all night.
9.Going to the movies was less than 5 dollars .
10.Only putting 5 dollars of gas in your car .(now days you would run out before you pulled out).
11.Parking somewhere and just hanging out with friends .
12.Being able to go out on a date for 20 dollars or less .( WOW)
13.Being a senior in high school .
14.The prom
15.Graduation night.
16.Going to collage.
17.First full time job.
18.Dating the love of your life .
19.Getting married.
20.Buying a bigger belt.
21.Having your first child.
22.2-5 years letting someone talk you into number two.If you have more than two God Bless U .
23.Hair starts falling or finding your first gray hair .
24.Going on diet after diet ( i took a knee on this one ,the food wins ) .
25.Start filling pains you never felt before .

Please scroll to the bottom.

If you can relate to these things ,MAN YOU ARE GETTING OLD .

I have got to grab my stupid backpack and head to the treestand.

God Bless, Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend .

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