Thursday, June 25, 2009

John Ciesla

I can not say enough good things about this guy . He Is a devoted christian ,deacon , Sunday school teacher , Asst . Superintendent at Greenwood , wonderful father of four , and I am sure his wife would say he is a wonderful husband . Every time you see him he his smiling he Is always willing to help others . God really blessed our class when John decided to teach our class . He has been a blessing to me and my family . You could not find a better group of kids . All four of his kids are well mannered and good listeners . I enjoy playing around and picking on the kids . Conner is going to be a awesome turkey hunter some day . Next year he is going to show me how it is done .I do not know if John ever has a bad day . I am sure he does but he does not allow it to affect how he treats others . John thank you for your leadership and your friendship . I am sure everybody in our class would agree when i say we are blessed to have you as a teacher and friend .I have always heard that behind every good man there is a good women . I would have to agree with that statement . Angel thank you for all that you do .

God Bless , Have A Great Day

Monday, June 8, 2009


It was nice to see everybody in class this Sunday . My family and I had a good time at the party we had for Jeb . Thank you ladies for the time and effort you put in to insure we had plenty of good food to eat . We could not have had a better day to have a church picnic . God blessed us with a awesome day . What a Awesome God we serve !!! God has really blessed us and our church . We will never be debt free !!!!!!!! " Live for the future because the past and present is gone " , " Be Prepared " , "Give the best that you have to the best there is "

God Bless , Have a great week

Tim Brinkley

Tim is our on staff Pro Football Player . Yes , pro football !!!!!!! He even had knee surgery .He done what the rest of us wanted to do but we decided we are to OLD . He works at Baldor as a electrical engineer . He has two little girls and Amy is his wife . Amy is a school teacher . Tim is a great guy . He is a christian who still has fun . I might add he is the best equipment manager I have ever seen on the Kickball Circuit .He has to be the best because he would have been the busiest guy last night .The men was dropping like bombs in the middle of a war . Tim thank you and your family for your friendship we are blessed to have you guys as friends and classmates .

God Bless ,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Doug Russell

Doug Is one of those guy you will remember the rest of your life . He is a outstanding father ,christian , and farmer . I am not real sure how long Doug and his wife Ann have been attending our Sunday School class but we all are blessed to have them in our class . Doug has two boys .You know it is a lot of work being a farmer . There are those farmers who pay people to do the work and then there are farmers like Doug and his family who does the work themselves .DOUG IS A AWESOME BASKETBALL PLAYER ! I would be willing to bet he could beat anybody while wearing jeans . Doug does not mind donating his time to help the church and others . Doug thank you for all that you do . Thank you for your friendship .

God Bless

Monday, June 1, 2009

Scott Houston

Scott and his wife Allison are both Prosecuting Attorneys . They have one little boy named Hunter . Scott and myself along with several others started working out at the church . You can really get to know a lot about a guy at 5:oo am . Scott also attends our Sunday School class .Here is a guy that you can tell loves the Lord and has put time in studying his word . Scott is one of those guys that Is just fun to hang out with . Scott and Allison will be adding a new addition to their family 8/01 / 09 . They are having a little boy . Congratulation Guys !!!!! Scott is one of those guys that is the same each and every time you see him . Scott Thank You and Allison for your friendship ! You Guys are Great !

God Bless,