Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I know a couple of people who got new cameras and probably out taking pictures of all the snow and ice . This weather makes hard to drive but does make for some really cool pictures . I have not got out and taken any pictures but i do plan on taking some today .

I would love to be somewhere that had a huge waterfall . That would make for a wonderful picture . I would also like to get a picture of some wildlife out moving around in this . I thought about getting a picture of the girls but i decided that it was way to cold . Bill Walters has a awesome log cabin up at White Rock that has water falls all around it . That would make a really cool picture . Teachers enjoy your days off !!!!

God Bless , Have a awesome day


Can you believe this weather ? I really do not like the ice . I like the snow ! The ice has broke a few of my tree limbs and we were without power Monday night and part of Tuesday .

I was thinking of Phillip ,Mike and their families . Mike has a big hill to go down and stop before he goes into traffic on 71 hwy . Mike can go a different way that is not as bad . Now , poor Phillip sitting at the top of Greenwood with the beautiful view ,warm house , plenty to eat and his family are just stuck . I would not want to try to make it down that hill today . I would just have to stay at home . I know no one likes missing work . The kids are out of school and the wife does not have to work . This sounds like Phillip may have a chance to just sit back and relax with his family .

My wife is not lucky enough to miss work today . They still have to work on the bad weather days like the rest of the working world . She does not mind . Troy has a steep driveway , i would not want to go down in weather like this . Dena said he may have parked at the bottom so he could get out this morning . Hey , i wounder if Phillip parked at the bottom of his hill so he could get out . I mean it is only a 1/2 mile all up hill to his house . I am going to go check and see if Phillips car is at the bottom of the hill .

Let me tip my hat to Doug and his family . They do not get to miss work in weather like this . They have to get out in this and feed their animals and make sure the water is not frozen . Make sure one of the cows has not had a calf . It always seems to happen in bad weather . Farming can be a tough job and my hat is off to all of the fine people who are farmers . I also want to thank Doug and his family for the beef they donated to the church . I know they did not do this to recognized . I know they done that because they wanted to help . We are blessed to have them in our Sunday School class .

I know i write about this all the time but i really feel blessed for everybody in our class . You hear of people leaving a class for one reason or another but that is not the case with our class . We have a great group of people and who are eager to learn about God and a teacher who wants to teach . When all the serious things are taken care of we enjoy having fun with one another . If somebody is reading this and does not attend church we would love to have you at First Baptist Church of Greenwood we have three services 8:00 , 9:15 , and 10:45 . Hope to see you all Sunday !!

God Bless , Have a safe and wonderful day

Monday, January 26, 2009


One of Allie's friends had a birthday party at Jacks Skating this weekend . Allie had a hard time figuring out how to skate . So i went and got me a pair of skates so i could go out and help her . I forgot how much fun you can have skating . The next thing i know Dena is putting on her skates . Then the DJ started playing some music from the 80's . It just made me look back and think about the old Skating place we had here in Greenwood . Dena and i also made a couple of laps together, made me feel young again ( until i took the skates off ) .

We really need slow down and enjoy our kids because we do not know what next day will bring . I am just heart broken everytime i hear about a kid getting sick . I do not understand why kids have to get sick . It is not my job to understand it is just my job to obey and believe the word of God . Please remember say a prayer for all our kids .

God Bless , Have a great day

Friday, January 23, 2009

WHY ? ? ? ? ?

I wonder why there is a disease out there no one can find a cure for . Just something to think about . We have the best doctors and we donate millions to this and still no cure .

God Bless,

Thursday, January 22, 2009


We had a good year in 2008 i hope nothing changes in 2009 . We started the lead slingers deer camp . We started with about 14 people or close to that . I believe everybody had a good time . I believe we will have more next year . I hope we kill a few more deer next year . We are thinking about moving the camp to Muddy Creek . If anybody knows a hot spot please let us in .

Our Sunday School Class grew . I do not remember anybody being real sick . Tim and Amy has a new family member . John and his mean side kick came over to teach our class . (You know John payed me to say that ) . Thanks for the 20 dollars John !! God has really blessed all of us . Good things happen to good people .

God Bless , Have a great day

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Phillip and Kelly

I want to thank The Darr Family for opening their house on Sunday nights . I really feel like everybody is growing a little closer . There has not been anybody upset at on another . It always seems we are there for one another . Normally when you get a big group together there is somebody who gets their feelings hurt and gets mad . I have not heard any of this in our class . That just speaks volume for the people in our class and tells me we are all focused on what God wants us to do . I would like to thank everybody in our class for their friendship . We really are blessed with a great group of people . Hey , Phillip i will try to get out of there before 7:30 this week . I think i seen you yawning a couple of times the other night . I took the hint !!

If there is anybody reading this that does not attend a Sunday School Class we are @ the Rock @ 10:45 first door on the left @ the top of the stairs . We would love to have you . We have a lot of fun and really enjoying studying the word of God .

God Bless , Have Great Day ( I will get to see Jeb this morning, i know you are jealous .)

Monday, January 19, 2009

John and Jeb's Mayor

Does anybody think he will get in any trouble for taking the signs ? I do not believe so ! I will say this about the guy , he knows how to talk his way out of trouble . I want to tip my hat to the officer who caught him . I can only imagine how that conversation went . Here is how i think it went down .

OFFICER: Good morning mayor

MAYOR : I just wanted to get a early start

OFFICER : Why are you out taking these signs in this people's yards ?

Mayor: Well , can i get back with you ?

OFFICER: No , i am going to have to call another officer

Mayor : now , now There will be no need for that i am the mayor and i have broken the law before and got away with it so you know you are wasting your time .Plus , i have the right as mayor to be out here moving these signs .

Officer : Why would you be out here @ 2: 00 AM taking signs ? Why not wait until regular working hours ?

Mayor : You are going to regret this !!

I am not sure how the whole thing went down but that is kinda how i have it pictured in my mind . I would like to tip my hat one more time to the officer who did not back down because he was mayor . Look in John's yard the next election( Husband of Dena Dolan For Mayor) . I think that would be better than saying Jackie Dolan . I might not get any votes if i used my name . I probably would not vote for myself .

God Bless,Have a great day

Friday, January 16, 2009

What A Week

Man can you believe it is already Friday ? It seems like this week just flew by . Monday was kinda slow and after that it was like a F-16 in war . Well, maybe not that fast but still pretty fast . The sad part about that is the weekend will go by even faster . I hope everybody had a good week .

I do want to mention that there was a young man ask Jesus to be the boss of his life Wednesday night at Kid mo . That is exciting as it gets !!!!! You can not top that . That makes everything we do on Wednesday night worth it . The leaders are smiling the parents are smiling and crying with joy . This tells me two things , we are serving a AWESOME GOD and he is still in the business of saving lives .

I can say there is not a better moment when your child comes to you and says " I want to make Jesus the boss of my life " . I am telling you that is Awesome !!! The parents of this young man was proud . What a great week ! Maybe something great like that will happen on Sunday . I hope to see you all there .

God Bless , Have a great weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope nobody has to work .

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thank You

I would like take the time time to say thank you to John and Angel . I set back and think where would our class be without the two of them . I am not sure why Tony decided to step down but i am sure he felt like that is what God was leading him to do . We were uncertain where our class was headed . None of us are teachers besides Phillip . So we did what all good Christians do we just prayed about the future of our class . We were told they might want to teach our class . Then we got the word they had decided to teach our class . I had never meet John before so i was unsure . After meeting John i knew God had truly blessed our class .

A few weeks past i got to know John a little better and our friendship began to grow . I realize John and Angel are a perfect fit for our class . John is a great guy . He is a guy you can go and talk to and you feel like he understands you . This is a guy who will be there through thick and thin .You gotta watch Angel ! No , I am just kidding she is a great woman . I also want to say they have great kids . The whole family has been a blessing to my family .

I would also like to say thanks to Doug and Ann , Scott and Allison . I have really enjoyed getting to know you guys . It is nice to see new couples in class and building new friendships . Hey , Doug and Scott you guys could be apart of the Lead Slingers Deer Camp . Thank you guys for for choosing our class .

I would like say thanks to everybody in our class . You all have been a blessing to me and my family . We were unsure what to expect when we came for the first time . You guys made us feel welcome . We felt like we kinda had a connection and this is where God wanted us to be . Thank You All For Everything !!!!! See You On Sunday !!!!!

God Bless,

God Bless ,

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Question , has it been tuff trying to get back into your regular schedule ? I know everyday this week i have not wanted to get out of bed . The holidays just kill me . I get up when i want i go to sleep when Keellie will let me . It is tuff having a schedule it would be a whole lot easier if someone would just give me money . I think things will get back to norml after this week . Today is the hump day if we can get through today it is all down hill to the weekend . I HOPE NONE OF YOU HAVE TO WORK THIS WEEKEND . Sorry , for the guys in guard and Thank You for evrything you guys do . I hope to see you @ Church Sunday .

God Bless , I hope evrybody has a great day

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It Is Time

I know a few of you are going on diets . I think it is kinda funny how we wait until the new year to be worried about our weight . Hey , i am one of those that do that year after year . I am not real sure how you make that commitment all year . I know i wish i could ! I have to many good cooks in Dena's family . Let me go ahead and say Dena , Gran , and Nita are good cooks . Jana can order up good take out . ( I really enjoy giving her a hard time about her lack of cooking . ) Let me tip my hat to Kelly who has done a awesome job of sticking with her diet . Good luck with your New Year Resolution .

God Bless , Have a Great Day

If Jana reads this you know she will probably throw something at me the next time she sees me. I know i would .

Sunday, January 4, 2009

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This is just kinda a vent for me . Yesterday was a beautiful day so there was people out riding their bikes . Now the vent starts !!!! It drives Dena and me crazy when we are driving down a road and the speed limit is 45 and you have to drive 15 because the bikes are riding own the road . This was over by Wells Lake .There is a brand new five foot sidewalk they could be riding on and they choose to ride on the road and slow down traffic . Here is what i have to say to those that ride their bike in the middle of the road where you can not get around them . Get out of the way !!!!!!!! If you want the right to ride down the middle of the road go register your bike , start paying taxes on it , and obeying the traffic laws . I understand if the road you are riding on does not have a sidewalk or shoulder . If the road you choose to ride on has a shoulder use it when you hear a car behind you . Hey, bikes get out of the way . Note to all bike riders there are plenty of trails to ride on in the woods . Find One!!!!!!!!!

God Bless , Have a Great Day ( You too bike riders)

New Year

I wanted to get this started by saying THANK YOU to John and Angel . I am very thankful that they decided to take over our Sunday School Class . I am very thankful we have a guy like Jessi to plan everything for us . I am very thankful for everybody else for the friendships we have built and are building . What a great group of people God has given me the privilege to know . I wish everybody a HAPPY New Year .

We had a great time @ the party Wednesday . We started it with John asking the blessing on the food and the fun began . One of the most important things @ a party is the food . There was plenty of that and it was good . The guys set in the den and watched a little football while we ate . The ladies set in the kitchen and talked about what great husbands they have . The kids kinda just ran around and having a good time . Our house has been child proofed .

Now after we ate Jeb , Jessi , and John brought controllers and Wii Golf . The guys took turns playing . Jeb owns the game so he was the Pro @ this game . This was a lot of fun . You hit the ball and if the ball goes the wrong direction you just shake your Wii and try to get the ball headed in the right direction . What a deal !!!!!! Can you imagine having something like that in real golf ? That would be fun to watch . I can picture this , Jeb hitting the ball and the ball starts to hook so he starts spinning his club the other direction to try and get it to land where he would like for it to land . That would be funny watching people play golf if that actually worked . If it did work i might be able to play .

While all this was taking place the ladies were sitting around the table talking about what great husbands they have . I am not sure what they were talking about but they looked like they were having a good time . Hey, guys this does not sound good for us . The ladies set around talking about what great husbands they have and we were off eating , watching football , and playing Wii . I will pray for us .

We also played the newly wed game . I am proud to say that John and Staci won . Here is some good news , Jeb and Shelli did not finish last . That tells me Jeb does listen a little . This should have earned Jeb some brownie points . I would like to say this Staci 's faced turned red on a couple of questions ( you can ask her for more info) . This was pretty funny and i hope everybody enjoyed .

Jeb , Shelli , Jana , Jason , Dena , and myself played a game called battle of the sexes . This is a board game and the men get asked questions that women should know the answer and the women get ask the questions men should know the answer . We played this until 1:30 and that is how the party ended .

I would like to take the time to thank all of you that came .Thanks for all the wonderful food that was brought and thank you for a wonderful time of fellowship . God has truly blessed our class . We have a wonderful group and we owe God for that . I believe he puts people in certain places @ certain times for certain reasons . I can see this class really growing close . God Is Wonderful !!!! I wish everybody could have been there but i understand it is tuff getting everybody together @ the same time .

God Bless, Have a wonderful New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!