Monday, January 19, 2009

John and Jeb's Mayor

Does anybody think he will get in any trouble for taking the signs ? I do not believe so ! I will say this about the guy , he knows how to talk his way out of trouble . I want to tip my hat to the officer who caught him . I can only imagine how that conversation went . Here is how i think it went down .

OFFICER: Good morning mayor

MAYOR : I just wanted to get a early start

OFFICER : Why are you out taking these signs in this people's yards ?

Mayor: Well , can i get back with you ?

OFFICER: No , i am going to have to call another officer

Mayor : now , now There will be no need for that i am the mayor and i have broken the law before and got away with it so you know you are wasting your time .Plus , i have the right as mayor to be out here moving these signs .

Officer : Why would you be out here @ 2: 00 AM taking signs ? Why not wait until regular working hours ?

Mayor : You are going to regret this !!

I am not sure how the whole thing went down but that is kinda how i have it pictured in my mind . I would like to tip my hat one more time to the officer who did not back down because he was mayor . Look in John's yard the next election( Husband of Dena Dolan For Mayor) . I think that would be better than saying Jackie Dolan . I might not get any votes if i used my name . I probably would not vote for myself .

God Bless,Have a great day


Philip said...

Dena will give you votes any time.

Mike said...

That's funny stuff right there! I'm sure he won't get in any trouble, but he should! I don't think you have done enough bad stuff to be mayor of Greenwood! ha ha ha