Monday, January 26, 2009


One of Allie's friends had a birthday party at Jacks Skating this weekend . Allie had a hard time figuring out how to skate . So i went and got me a pair of skates so i could go out and help her . I forgot how much fun you can have skating . The next thing i know Dena is putting on her skates . Then the DJ started playing some music from the 80's . It just made me look back and think about the old Skating place we had here in Greenwood . Dena and i also made a couple of laps together, made me feel young again ( until i took the skates off ) .

We really need slow down and enjoy our kids because we do not know what next day will bring . I am just heart broken everytime i hear about a kid getting sick . I do not understand why kids have to get sick . It is not my job to understand it is just my job to obey and believe the word of God . Please remember say a prayer for all our kids .

God Bless , Have a great day