Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It Is Time

I know a few of you are going on diets . I think it is kinda funny how we wait until the new year to be worried about our weight . Hey , i am one of those that do that year after year . I am not real sure how you make that commitment all year . I know i wish i could ! I have to many good cooks in Dena's family . Let me go ahead and say Dena , Gran , and Nita are good cooks . Jana can order up good take out . ( I really enjoy giving her a hard time about her lack of cooking . ) Let me tip my hat to Kelly who has done a awesome job of sticking with her diet . Good luck with your New Year Resolution .

God Bless , Have a Great Day

If Jana reads this you know she will probably throw something at me the next time she sees me. I know i would .

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