Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trophy Wife

Man can you imagine having a title like trophy wife . That would be nice for all you women . Here is what you get with being a trophy wife . You do not have to cook , clean , you get to sleep until 11:00 or so , your husband does all the cooking , all the cleaning ,and watch other women cook and clean . This would be the life . I consider my wife a trophy and real lucky to have her . I can not say enough good things about my wife . I am very thankful she does not mind helping around the house . I am not sure how you get that title . Someone will have to find one of these Trophy Wives and ask how they gain this title .

I am sure all the men would agree with me , when i say my wife is a trophy . I am also sure they would say they are very thankful for their wives and everything they do . I am a firm believer that the women is what makes the home a good one .Thanks to all the moms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless , Have a wonderful Day and a Happy New Year

See Ya Next Year

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Man -o- Man

I meet a couple of guys each morning for some type of exercise . This one guy (i am not going to call any name ) has a key to the old old gym . When it is cold out or we just do not want to walk we go to the gym and attempt basketball or something like it . Well this one cold morning we all agreed to play basketball because it was 27 degrees outside . Jeb and i show up at this guys house with our shorts on and ready to play basketball . We do not see any lights on in the house , so we waited 5 or 10 minutes and then we gave up . We decided we would go and have some biscuits and gravy . What a deal exercise or biscuits and gravy . Please leave some type of comment on what you might think about a guy that would do that to a super guy like Jeb ( i can understand standing me up ) . I really can not say anything this guy is the one who was with me when i nearly fell out of the tree . I will say this he is a super guy and it is a pleasure knowing him .

God Bless, Have a great day

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Craziness Is Over

I hope everybody had a great time during the Christmas Holiday . I enjoy the time off and the look on the kids face while they are opening their gifts . I also enjoy seeing people you have not seen in a while . It just wears me out going to over to eat and then running over here to eat and then running over there to eat . I do like to eat but this is to much eating and to much running . I am glad this craziness is over .

I know God really blessed my family . We had a great Christmas ! Dena and I both still have our jobs and no one in the family is sick . I would say we are blessed just based on those two things . I think the girls got most of what they wanted and then some . My wife got me a new watch and it is cool . This watch will keep me from turning on the TV to check the weather . We really had a great Christmas .

Time to get back to work and get our regular routine going again .

God Bless , I hope you have a great day !!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

????????? !!!!!!! &&&& + = - & $$$$$

I think i may be writing in my sleep . I normally have something on my mind to write about . I know what you guys are thinking . I do have this to say ," it was colder than a well diggers bo in Idaho "yesterday . You know that is pretty cold !!

Be thankful for the little things that you have . I think a lot of times we are to busy to really be thankful for the little things that God has blessed us with . I know sometimes i get to running all over God's creation and forget to take the time and say Thank You God For Your Blessings . I have a lot to be thankful for but i still find myself asking God for more . I start my day off by thanking God for my family , health , friends , and my job . Thank you guys for taking the time to read these blogs .

God Bless, Have a great day

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Party

Man , my friend Phillip was on a roll this weekend . He made me Pee a little and i do not think i was alone . I believe the whole class was laughing at him . I just want to tell one thing . He threw some corn in is backyard for the deer . Then a little while later he asked Kelly why would someone plant corn in our backyard . I guess you can figure out the rest of the story . It was the corn Phillip through out . Thanks Phillip for all the laughs ,your are a great guy .

We also played dirty Santa . Let me say this there were some Dirty Santa . Jeb stole my mug ,John stole my movies ,and Doug stole my deer cane ( Kelly , Phillips lovely wife thought you could drink this ) . Not sure about the whole Kelly statement ,i think i heard someone say that . Let me say thanks to Mike and Jessi for not stealing any of my goods . Mike did steal from my wife . What a great time . Thanks to the Winters for opening there house for us . Thanks to Jessi for planning all the fellowships . We had a great time , i could have stayed there all night visiting with these guys . What a great group of people .

God Bless , Have A Great Day

Friday, December 12, 2008


Now would that not be something , Jackie Dolan for mayor . How many people would laugh if i started putting up signs . I really could not run for mayor even if i wanted to . If i did do something like that i would not have any supporters other than the few friends i have . I still think it would be funny . It is kinda like the MasterCard commercial , Sign 100 dollars , buttons 100 dollars , and my old teachers and other people that knew me growing up ,the look on their faces Priceless . I can only imagine the things that people would say about me if i did something like that .

I told Pete Butler i was going to run for Mayor and he said " boy the only thing you ever ran from was the law " . Now , how would a guy get elected with rumors like that running around ? This is coming from a guy who knows and likes me( well i thought ) . What would the people who does not like me say ? NO comment from you MR. Baldwin !!!!!!!! Hey , that might be what a guy needs to be Mayor of Greenwood . List all the bad things you have done instead of the good things and then once you get elected continue your law breaking ways . What a job !!!!!!!!!

God Bless , Have a Wonderful Weekend

Thursday, December 11, 2008

? ? ?

What would it be like to live across the street from a friend who lived in a different time zone ? Would you go home at 9 by your time or by their time ? When would you go school ? What time does Micky D'S open ? I would be confused if i lived close to a time line . This is just something wanted you to think about .

Hey, i am going to run for mayor . I almost have all the qualifications to be mayor . I have not been out taking signs or stealing money from old ladies . I have not had my truck hauled off by the Repo guy . I do not plan on doing either one of these . I think my brother in law who works for a clothing company is going to rent the current mayor new uniforms . They are going to Orange Jump Suits for the first two days of the week and Black and White for the last three . THIS WAY HE CAN BE NOTICED @ 2:00 IN THE MORNING WHEN HE IS OUT DOING HIS JOB ( TAKING SIGNS OUT OF PEOPLE'S YARDS ) . This is a good mayor to take is time and go take signs in the early morning hours . I am not running for mayor i just joke about it all the time .
As my friend Phillip says be thankful we live in a free country . Be thankful we can worship God . Be thankful for friends and family . Be thankful for your job . Take the time and thank God for his son Jesus who climbed that hill knowing he was going to die for our sins . This is what Christmas is all about . Take the time to help someone who is less fortunate . Take the time to tell someone the Christmas Story .

God Bless, Have a great day

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Girls

I have two very wonderful girls . Dena had choir practice last night . Me and the girls just kinda hung out at the house . It was a great night we did not have to rush around at all . I set back and watched the two of them play . Allie is a great big sister . Some of you may know Keelie can be a pain . Some how that does not affect Allie she just goes on and has fun . It would have been nice if Dena could have been home with us . Most nights we are rushing around trying to finish up homework ,get a bath ,and get ready for bed . It is nice to just sit back and enjoy your kids . We all better enjoy them while we can . We know some day they will think staying home with us is not so fun . I would like to throw this out there for fun . Allie takes after her dad and Keelie takes after her mom . I know all of you would agree with that statement,Right!!!!

Who thinks that Florida will be our next National Champs ? Tell me your thoughts about this game . The Sooners better enjoy beating up on the Big 12 teams . I know this sounds like i am not a Sooner fan but i am . It gets old watching them make it to a bowl and lose year after year after year .Chuck once won a national championship by himself .The other team did not show up.

God Bless , Have a great day

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sooners Win

Sooners win another big 12 title . I am pretty sure they will lose their 4th straight bowl game . I really hope they win . I hope it is a close game that the Big D wins . If that happens maybe somebody will hire Brent as a head coach . We all now the Sooners can put up points and we also know the D ALLOWS POINTS . I would love to Brent get a coaching job in the big 12 . Can you imagine the Sooners playing against Brent's D . The Sooners might be able to put 100 points if they could play their own D in the bowl game . Let me hear your thoughts .

God Bless

Friday, December 5, 2008

The End

I was going to tell my whole story but i decided i did not want to make this a five or six day blog . Well , my dad was in and out of prison for drugs and theft . he told me several different times he was going to change i never believed the guy for one moment . He wanted me to call him dad . I said to him a dad does not leave his kid at the hospital . When he would get out of prison he would call my grandparents and tell them he was done , he never did or will . Once i got married and had kids he tried calling and wanted to come see his grand kids . I told him i was not his son because he had not been a father to me and i was not going to put my kids through the same thing i went through . I am not real sure what i will tell them if they ever ask . I ask him to do us all a big favor and forget us . I know that is not the right thing to do but it is the best for my family .

My mom i am not sure about . I never met her until i was thirteen . I believe this is because of her husband . I believe he is the one that wanted to get to know me . We have a friend relationship well, i do want to say its that good . We see each other during the holidays . I had to call on her when i was 15 because my grandpa had cancer and my grandparents were at the hospital a lot . Once my grandpa past on my grandma was back home i moved back in with her .

My grandma past away two months after i got out of school . I was trying to go to collage and work at the tire shop in Greenwood and they told me things were slow and they had to let me go . i was also kicked out of the house i was living in . My uncle told me i could live in his garage till i found something better. This was not so bad during the summer . When it got called i got cold .

So went for a interview with this company called Argco and met this man Tom Stoddard . He gave me a job and some 17 years later i am still working for him . A couple of weeks after i had worked there he ask where i lived and i told him . He suggested i could stay at work in one of the storage closets ( it was a 10 x 10 HEATED ROOM ) . Then i moved in with one of my friends and his parents . Then i moved in with the guy we all know and love Jeb .

I met my wife and we started going out and she started inviting me to church . I was going but not real sure i was getting anything out of it . Then they hired a preacher (Bart Baker ). This guy presented the word of God so that i wanted to pay attention . I can not say thanks enough to my wife for taking me to church while were dating .

Now that we are married and have 2 wonderful kids no body has to invite us to church . God put Dena in my life for a reason . He knew all the bad things i had done and was doing . So i am going to have to say Thank you Dena for not giving up on me and thank you God for forgiving me of my sins . I hope nobody thinks this is a bunch of lies because this is all 100 % true . This just shows that God is watching over us and can save anyone .Invite a friend to church and tell somebody your story it might be what they need to hear . Thank you Phillip, Mike , and Jeb for your comments .

God Bless , I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day Two

I am not writing this to make anybody feel sorry for me . I believe the people that know me knows that i am not doing this in hopes that someone will feel sorry for me . The reason i am doing this is because somebody my going through rough a rough time right now and they might be able to relate to my story and see there is good news . There might be someone out there that is questioning can God really save someone like me . I going to tell you God can save anyone .

I can remember one of my friends if i wanted to play little league football . I said i would love to play football . I went home from school that day and told my grandparents i wanted to play football and my grandpa said is this going to cost anything and if so who is going to pay for it and how do you plan on getting to and from practice and the games . I am not real sure who paid for everything but that side of it got taken care of . Then a neighbor said he would take me to practice and bring me home . My grandpa said he would go a long with this plan as long as it want effect my school work . I worked really hard at keeping my grades up because i really loved the game of football . This was a way for me to get out there and hit somebody without getting in trouble . My first year they had me play O line and i did not really like that . I finally ask coach if i could try and be the running back and he told me his son Ricky was the running back . I remember telling him that i could run over Rick and out run him . Long story short he gave me that chance i was looking for and needless to say i never played on the O line again . They even let me play linebacker . Football really kept my mind off other things going on in my life that i had questions about .

My grandparents never attended one game or one practice . My grandpa did not really want me doing it so he sure was not going to support it . They never came to anything sports related my whole life . I played football , basketball , baseball, and ran track . He thought that the time i was spending at practice i could be at home doing work . I would like to thank everybody that hauled me around to practice and took me to all the games .

When i was ten we moved into town . This was during the summer so baseball going on . I decided that i wanted to try my luck at baseball . SO , my grandma signed me up for baseball . I was lucky i lived close enough to the school i could walk to all the practices . I really enjoyed playing baseball he gave me something to do during the summer . We never had enough money to go any vacation . i never even herd that word growing up and i was fine with it . Well , you get the point i am trying to make about my grandpa and sports . I will spare you the pain of basketball and track .

I remember wanting to be that popular guy in the 6 Th grade . I wanted name brand cloths i wanted all the new things all the other kids had . We could not afford this things and there were kids that got made fun of because of the brand of clothing they had . I am not sure why i was not one of them . I had a lot of friends and i guess they did not care what kind of cloths i had . I really believe God has a plan for everybody and puts people in certain places at certain times to touch others . I am very thankful for everybody that God placed in my life .

God Bless, Have A Great Day

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Story Begins

It all started on 7/26/1972 @8:06 P.M. . I weighed in @ a fat 9.4 lbs. with little hair ( not a lot has changed ) . On just my third day in this world my mom and dad decided that they did not want me . That turned out to be a blessing to me . I am not sure why they left me nor do i care , i am just glad they did . My grandma and grandpa Cantrell decided they would bring me home .They already had raised 7 kids of their own and still had two @ home . I was the 10th kid they raised . They did not have a lot of money but they had plenty of love . I know the money side was tough . My grandpa would do just about any job to make extra money . These were two wonderful people who taught me a lot about life .

I think the first time i ask about who my mom and dad was i was around 4 . I remember my grandpa telling me who my mom and dad are and they were sure that they loved me . I asked this question " then why did they leave me " . He was not sure why they had left me but he continued telling me that he was sure they loved me .Still today i am not buying that whole story . I know that is the right thing to tell a child but the fact is we all love our kids and would not leave them and hope somebody takes them home . Leaving a child is not the way to show them that you love them . I am sure i had more questions but i can not remember a lot from when i was four .

I remember my first year of school was really tough . My grandparents had not adopted me or anything like that . The school was wanting to know who had custody and who was responsible for me . So they had issues getting me started in school . Their last name was Cantrell and mine was Dolan that confused me as a child . There were kids who said man your parents are really old and i remember telling them that they were my grandparents and mom and dad . Sounds a little confusing .Well, the first part of my life was .

I would like to say Happy Birthday To Jana !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tune in for more Tomorrow . God Bless , Have a Great day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!