Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day Two

I am not writing this to make anybody feel sorry for me . I believe the people that know me knows that i am not doing this in hopes that someone will feel sorry for me . The reason i am doing this is because somebody my going through rough a rough time right now and they might be able to relate to my story and see there is good news . There might be someone out there that is questioning can God really save someone like me . I going to tell you God can save anyone .

I can remember one of my friends if i wanted to play little league football . I said i would love to play football . I went home from school that day and told my grandparents i wanted to play football and my grandpa said is this going to cost anything and if so who is going to pay for it and how do you plan on getting to and from practice and the games . I am not real sure who paid for everything but that side of it got taken care of . Then a neighbor said he would take me to practice and bring me home . My grandpa said he would go a long with this plan as long as it want effect my school work . I worked really hard at keeping my grades up because i really loved the game of football . This was a way for me to get out there and hit somebody without getting in trouble . My first year they had me play O line and i did not really like that . I finally ask coach if i could try and be the running back and he told me his son Ricky was the running back . I remember telling him that i could run over Rick and out run him . Long story short he gave me that chance i was looking for and needless to say i never played on the O line again . They even let me play linebacker . Football really kept my mind off other things going on in my life that i had questions about .

My grandparents never attended one game or one practice . My grandpa did not really want me doing it so he sure was not going to support it . They never came to anything sports related my whole life . I played football , basketball , baseball, and ran track . He thought that the time i was spending at practice i could be at home doing work . I would like to thank everybody that hauled me around to practice and took me to all the games .

When i was ten we moved into town . This was during the summer so baseball going on . I decided that i wanted to try my luck at baseball . SO , my grandma signed me up for baseball . I was lucky i lived close enough to the school i could walk to all the practices . I really enjoyed playing baseball he gave me something to do during the summer . We never had enough money to go any vacation . i never even herd that word growing up and i was fine with it . Well , you get the point i am trying to make about my grandpa and sports . I will spare you the pain of basketball and track .

I remember wanting to be that popular guy in the 6 Th grade . I wanted name brand cloths i wanted all the new things all the other kids had . We could not afford this things and there were kids that got made fun of because of the brand of clothing they had . I am not sure why i was not one of them . I had a lot of friends and i guess they did not care what kind of cloths i had . I really believe God has a plan for everybody and puts people in certain places at certain times to touch others . I am very thankful for everybody that God placed in my life .

God Bless, Have A Great Day

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