Friday, December 5, 2008

The End

I was going to tell my whole story but i decided i did not want to make this a five or six day blog . Well , my dad was in and out of prison for drugs and theft . he told me several different times he was going to change i never believed the guy for one moment . He wanted me to call him dad . I said to him a dad does not leave his kid at the hospital . When he would get out of prison he would call my grandparents and tell them he was done , he never did or will . Once i got married and had kids he tried calling and wanted to come see his grand kids . I told him i was not his son because he had not been a father to me and i was not going to put my kids through the same thing i went through . I am not real sure what i will tell them if they ever ask . I ask him to do us all a big favor and forget us . I know that is not the right thing to do but it is the best for my family .

My mom i am not sure about . I never met her until i was thirteen . I believe this is because of her husband . I believe he is the one that wanted to get to know me . We have a friend relationship well, i do want to say its that good . We see each other during the holidays . I had to call on her when i was 15 because my grandpa had cancer and my grandparents were at the hospital a lot . Once my grandpa past on my grandma was back home i moved back in with her .

My grandma past away two months after i got out of school . I was trying to go to collage and work at the tire shop in Greenwood and they told me things were slow and they had to let me go . i was also kicked out of the house i was living in . My uncle told me i could live in his garage till i found something better. This was not so bad during the summer . When it got called i got cold .

So went for a interview with this company called Argco and met this man Tom Stoddard . He gave me a job and some 17 years later i am still working for him . A couple of weeks after i had worked there he ask where i lived and i told him . He suggested i could stay at work in one of the storage closets ( it was a 10 x 10 HEATED ROOM ) . Then i moved in with one of my friends and his parents . Then i moved in with the guy we all know and love Jeb .

I met my wife and we started going out and she started inviting me to church . I was going but not real sure i was getting anything out of it . Then they hired a preacher (Bart Baker ). This guy presented the word of God so that i wanted to pay attention . I can not say thanks enough to my wife for taking me to church while were dating .

Now that we are married and have 2 wonderful kids no body has to invite us to church . God put Dena in my life for a reason . He knew all the bad things i had done and was doing . So i am going to have to say Thank you Dena for not giving up on me and thank you God for forgiving me of my sins . I hope nobody thinks this is a bunch of lies because this is all 100 % true . This just shows that God is watching over us and can save anyone .Invite a friend to church and tell somebody your story it might be what they need to hear . Thank you Phillip, Mike , and Jeb for your comments .

God Bless , I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend

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Philip said...

You have a great story and a great wife. I know she has been a tremendous support for you and someone that you can share everything you go through.