Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trophy Wife

Man can you imagine having a title like trophy wife . That would be nice for all you women . Here is what you get with being a trophy wife . You do not have to cook , clean , you get to sleep until 11:00 or so , your husband does all the cooking , all the cleaning ,and watch other women cook and clean . This would be the life . I consider my wife a trophy and real lucky to have her . I can not say enough good things about my wife . I am very thankful she does not mind helping around the house . I am not sure how you get that title . Someone will have to find one of these Trophy Wives and ask how they gain this title .

I am sure all the men would agree with me , when i say my wife is a trophy . I am also sure they would say they are very thankful for their wives and everything they do . I am a firm believer that the women is what makes the home a good one .Thanks to all the moms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless , Have a wonderful Day and a Happy New Year

See Ya Next Year

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