Friday, October 31, 2008

Keelie will be turning two tomorrow . Time seemed to drag by and then you have kids and they grow up really fast . There are days i just wonder how did Allie get this big . Did i sleep a couple of years . I usually run from one thing to another , but not lately. I really enjoy just going out in the yard and playing with the girls . It is tough at times because you got to keep a close eye on Keelie . Allie kinda does her own thing or swings with Kellie . Kids are a lot of fun enjoy them while they are young because someday they will not think spending time with mom and dad is so important . God bless are kids!!!!

Here is something to think about . Take the time and think about how things have changed for the worse. Can you imagine how it will be for our kids ? I kinda feel sorry for them already . It just blows my mind how some people think . I try to see their side ( sometimes ) . Our kids are missing out because of all the Stupid people in this world today . We can not let are kids ride their bikes down the road , go down to the park , run through the woods by themselves and so on . I do not remember ever having the conversation about not talking to strangers . Now there are people who want hurt little kids and even kill them without any reason( like somebody running for president ) .

I WONDER IF ( AND I SURE HOPE AND PRAY NOT ) OBOMA WINS AND LATER ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DECIDE WE MADE A MISTAKE , WHAT WOULD HE SAY WE SHOULD DO. He said he would like for his daughter to have a choice if she ever made a mistake . I would like to say this ,i do not want to see him get killed just like i do not want little baby's to be killed . I hope i did not go to far this morning or is that mourning if he wins .

I am waiting for the Sooners to fire their Defensive Coordinator or hoping might be a better word .

God Bless

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Please Vote

The weather is getting cold it is time to be bold . The election is near and Oboma's views are clear . Do not hesitate if you make a mistake , kill the unborn baby and you can be a non pregnant lady . His faith is very clear when times are tough i am a muslim ,he said without a tear . I will choose the questions you ask because the tough ones might be a task .

Here is the way i see it . The guy has been confused on what type of religion he his . What makes people think he can be in the White House and not be confused ? I would have had more respect for the guy ,if he would have said i am a muslim at the very beginning . That proves to me he just says what he thinks people want to hear . His slogan his all about Change . If he wins that is going to be all we have ( in the bank) . I am going to quit before i really get started . I think everybody knows how i feel and what is important to me . My friend Mike said that this country does not deserve Gods mercy and i agree with him 100% . Pray for this country and all of our voters . I am going to grab that stupid backpack and head to another subject .

The big day is just a little over a week away . The opening day of gun season starts 11/08/08 .I believe this season will be a good one . I have seen several bucks this year . I have had several others tell me that they are seeing more deer this year . I am ready it has been awhile since we had a real deer camp . Sleeping on the ground in the cold , building a camp fire ,hanging out with a great group of guys , and going to the bathroom in the woods . I have a question what did the deer do that made us go this crazy about killing them ( i borrowed this question from Jason) .

Here is the Lead Slingers Deer Camp slogan If The Lead Is Flying There Is Something Dieing .If anybody can think of some others let us know . This one came from Mike, I thought it was pretty good . Just for the record you can not kill anything if you do not shout . Bring your gun and come join us . The blind man once said to is deaf daughter i can see . Hope everybody has a wonderful day .

God Bless

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My friend Phillip left me a message that really made me think . We should all take a real good look at all the freedom we have . However ,it seems like we are losing a few . Let me list a few that are important to me . I am very thankful that i get to choose the church that i attend . I am very thankful for the freedom of speech (thanks Phillip) .I f it was not for freedom of speech i would not be sitting here writing . I am thankful i have the right to purchase guns .

Here is the stuff that might step on someones toes ( i hope not) . I believe the reason are country is headed in the wrong direction is because we all have changed the way we should think . It does not matter who wins the election . What matters is the people of The United States just sitting back and accepting all these changes. i believe we are now paying for the hippy days .The hippys were all about peace .They did not want to make anybody mad . These are the people who are in office today. Everybody needs to stand up for what they believe in . When we started taking God out of everything was really when all this mess started . If you will look at The Ten Commandments and then look at the laws of this country you can see what our original leaders had in mind . I can promise you it was not taking God out of everything . It was not gay marriages and it was not allowing women who became pregnant to run down to the DR. Office and say hey, i do do not want this baby . The Dr. says, ok come in and i will take care of that for you . No matter how you look at this it is murder and it is WRONG . There are people on waiting list to adopt a child . When you have people saying these things are ok that is when you know your country is in Bad shape . You can not tell me people were supposed to be gay . If men were supposed to be with men and women with women they would be able to reproduce. These things really are important issues to me . Please pray for this country and everybody in it . We need God in this country we need prayer in this country .

I am going to write this one word and someone will know what i am talking about . The word is submit . Do not forget this word is in the Bible . Just for the record this is not for my wife . Remember invite a friend to church and tell someone about God . If there is someone out there reading this that does not believe in God please leave a comment . I would love to talk to you and hear your views .

God Bless, Have a great day

Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Sure

I am just going to ramble a little this morning . We went to the cabin this weekend i believe we all had a good time . I seen a few deer but no big one . Jessi and Mike did not see any . Conner had to go home Saturday he was feeling very well . I have not spoke to Mike to see how he is doing . I almost had a heart attack . I almost got bit by a rattle snake . I think i may have peed a little . Jessi it not believe me at first . When he seen and heard it rattle he was a believer . Long story short we had a good time .

It was nice to get home to my three girls . The girls could not wait for me to get home so we could play . I really miss them when i am gone . One night is not so bad but more than that is tough . My wife ask when i was going back . No ,i am just kidding . She said she was ready for me to get home also .

We are having a deer camp(Lead Slingers) at MT. Magazine on the 11/8/08 .If you would like to go give me a call @ 252-0166 or 996-1230 .We plan on having a lot of fun .Remember invite a friend to church .

God Bless , Have a great day

Friday, October 24, 2008


I received a e-mail about one of my blogs concerning politics . I would like to let everybody who reads these know that i appreciate every comment and do not get offended by them. If it were not for a difference in opinions we would not need elections. So please continue sending your comments. Thank you T for your e-mail . It was very informative and i could tell it was coming from the heart, that is what matters. If you truly believe in something ,that is what you should do. I really enjoy talking to everybody so keep the comments coming.

God Bless, Have a great day

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Hey , I want to thank you guys who left comments and taking the time to read my blogs . Phillip left a comment on one of the blogs . Now about Phillip ,he is a really outstanding guy . He knows just about anything when comes to sports . His speciality his making people laugh and smile . A real super guy .His brother owns Mad Pizza in Rogers a must . I will drive anytime someone wants to try it . His brother Mark is a real nice guy .You rally need to try it . Jeb , Jessi , Mike , Phillip , John C. , John M. ,Tim B. , and TIM . These are the guys in my sunday school class( life group if you will) . This is a real great group of guys that really get a long and have a lot of together . If you are not attending a sunday school class come see us at 10:45 room 202 at the rock . We have a great group of women also .

Jessi , Mike , Conner( mikes son) , and myself are going hunting this weekend . We plan on having a lot of fun . I think it is awesome to see mike and his son together in the great outdoors . Jessi and i only have girls . I am not complaining because i would not trade either one of my girls . I will probably miss a few days . I know your not missing anything but i just wanted to let you know . Remember to invite a friend to church because God is still saving lives .CHUCK NORRIS ONCE WATCHED 60 MINUTES IN JUST 20 MINUTES . Chuck for president!!!

God Bless , Have a great day
JANA my sister in-law or outlaw which ever she might be cooked breakfast for her family . We enjoy giving her a hard time about cooking . I plan on making a whole blog about her in the near future . I still have not got that breakfast food from my super mother in-law yet .


What has this world became .Here are the things that i am a little confused about . Please help me !!!!!!! Some places are now allowing same sex marriages . How Stupid is that ?? Yes, i used the word stupid to describe some politician . I am not saying they all are stupid . I KNOW A FEW THAT ARE PRETTY GOOD GUYS . You actually have people accepting this . We have people at our church trying to say we should accept this . My good friend Jeb ( i am going bald) Baldwin got in a pretty heated discussion with her about this matter . That is what i like to see ,people who are going to stand up for what is right . We need more people to stand up like that . If people would have took a stand early maybe we would not be in the mes we are in . Here are some of the reason you should elect obomba for president . Just for the record i know i spelled his name wrong . Now back to the subject . He has a pretty smile , we need a change ,he is not Republican , he has not been in politics long enough to have been corrupted by the old guys , i am tired of the way things are being run , and my favorite one is simply because he is a Democrat . Here is what i have to say to all the God believers in this world . The guy is a killer and anybody who votes for him might as well be one also . The guy votes for abortion and partial birth abortion . That is without any question 100 percent killing of a very beautiful thing God gave us . I am going to move on before i really get fired up . We are giving money to companies who did not run their companies properly . Kinda makes me want to open my own business
Hey, i did hear Greenwood mayor ken edwards was out picking up trash yesterday . The only thing he was missing was his ORANGE jump suit . This is a town ready for a change .

Now for some good things . My wife's Granny ( mine also i adopted her) cooks lunch for us every Sunday after CHURCH . The whole family meets there and has lunch together . Thank you Gran !!!!!! My youngest daughter absolutely loves hanging out with her . I can not say enough good things about Gran . If i tried i would be here all day . She will help with anything she can . Tom (grans husband) this is one cool guy . He will also do anything for you . He is as sharp as a tack . He can fix just about anything . What a great guy!!!

Hey buddy Mike is back and we are supposed to go hunting this weekend . He brought the guys who helped him a knife back from Spain .Thanks Mike !!!

I had brake issues on my truck last week . I thought i was going to have to take it to a dealer .The sound of that cost me 20 dollars . My friend Jessi knew Brian at Jim Grizzle Tire in Fort Smith and the brake guy (Gary) told me what was wrong with my brakes free of any charge .Thanks Jessi for everything !!!!!! Jessi is also going hunting this weekend . We all should have a lot of fun . Warning to all deer we are coming .

Take the time to tell a friend about God and invite them to church . Take the time to tell any armed force member Thank You . Thank You Guys For Our Freedom . HOW MUCH WOOD WOULD A WOODCHUCK CHUCK IF HE WAS CHUCK NORRIS ? ALL OF IT BECAUSE HE IS CHUCK NORRIS.

God Bless , Have a great day

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thank You

I want to take this time and say thanks to a few of the people who has helped me in this journey we call life .First i would like start by saying thanks to my grandma and grandpa who brought me home from the hospital after my mom and dad slid out the door . My wife for everything she has done for me and will do for me . I was on a straight road to no where and she turned me in the right direction . I would also like to thank her whole family and everything they do . My two Little girls for making my hair fall out (HA!! HA!!) . I would also say thanks to my friends . There are a few of my friends i believe i could go to and talked to them about anything and they would be ther for me and i would be ther for them . Thanks to everybody that has become part of my journey and allowing me to be apart of yours . Chuck Norris does not pay taxes he just sends the IRS a picture of himself .

God Bless, Have a great day

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Chase and More

I know last week i talked about the rut getting close ,i now believe it is here . I have talked to a lot of the local pros and they seem to agree . I always thought that the rut happened around the first new moon in November . I really believe that the rut is affected by cold spells .I know this is not what all the pros tell you on tv , but like the guys from Realtree Outdoors says " The Proof Is In The Pudding" . Jason ( my brother in -law) and I seen a Huge buck chasing a doe on our way to Mt Magazine last weekend . I have been keeping up with the time that people say they start seeing bucks chasing does for the past several years . What have found out is if there is a cold front in the middle of October people start seeing bucks chasing does .If there is not a clod front it usually happens in the last week of October . This is the info i received by talking to all the local hunters over the years . All the conditions are right ,so use those last vacation days or sick days and get in the woods .

Now , for the more part of this post . I am really tired of seeing all the negative stuff in the news paper about our community . Greenwood is really a nice place to live and I do not like it when i tell someone that I am from Greenwood and they start off by saying "that is the town where the mayor is always in the paper for something he has done wrong " . Is this really what the people of Greenwood want to be know for ? No, we would like to be known for being a friendly town , nice clean town ,town with great leadership ,and so on . Ken Edwards has NO RIGHT BEING A MAYOR . Here is what I know about the guy ,he can take care of his own finances (car getting repoed) , he has stolen money from elderly Lady's , he lost his right to practice law , and the latest thing stealing signs out of peoples yard . This is not what we want leading our town . He is a poor example of what we want Greenwood to know for . So do something, do not just sit back and let this low life run our down in the ground . I would like to touch on one thing about the whole stealing signs . I know by law he can remove signs from the right of way but not out of peoples yards . If i had the right to do something i sure what be doing it at two thirty in the morning in a friends car . Please tell a friend you are tired of all this and maybe they will tell a friend . If enough people get involved maybe we can make something happen . I have a stupid backpack i would give him ,if he would just pack up and leave town . Remember invite a friend to church this week and get in the outdoors as often as you can .

God Bless, Have a great day

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today I am going to take time to wish my mother in-law (Nita) a big happy birthday . Let me tell you a little bit about her . She is a very wonderful ,helpful,loving ,caring ,considerate and so on . I really just ran out of words . There are more and better words to describe her . I would also like to Thank her for everything she does for me and the girls . I want to spend a little time telling you some of the things she does . She watches both are little girls during the day and when Keelie wants to go home with her at night without hesitation she says come on . If we need her to watch the girls during the weekend or early in the morning she is always there for us . When you need help with the computer or just help around the house she is there . I will never be able to to truly let you know what a wonderful mother in -law i have through my writings . I hope that everybody understands what i am trying to say about her . God has Blessed me with the Greatest mother in-law . Thank you Nita for everything and I hope you have a great day. Did i mention that she can cook up a mean breakfast (Hint) . HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Sometimes we do not take the time to thank others like we should . I know that i am going to start doing a better job . Sometimes a little thank you might be just what a person needs to hear to brighten there day .

God Bless, Have a great day

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fast Pace World

This weekend was opening of the Arkansas deer muzzle loading season . The only time that I will get to hunt is opening morning . It seems to me that there is always something going on . I remember growing up and having time to go and visit people and just hang out at the house . I am not real sure what changed .We all know change is not always a good thing . Take a good look at the person who is saying we need to CHANGE "THE GREATEST COUNTRY" . I will not get started on that subject . I will say this morning me and my family are making time to go to church . This is something Everybody should make time for . If Everybody would make time to serve the Lord and follow his word I can promise you this country would not be in the shape it is in today .We sure would not have a muslim running for president . My computer wanted me to capitalize muslim ,not going to do it . Please invite a friend to church and pray for country and our soldiers .

I would like for everybody take time to say a prayer for my friend John and his family .His brother passed away this week .We all know it is tough when you lose someone you love .This was a kinda of all at once . His brother was 54 years old . Before I turned 36 i thought 54 was old .

I started this off by saying how fast pace our lives are but I want to finish on a good note . Last night our sunday school class had our October fellowship(Yes,i said sunday school class) . Our church has changed suday school class to " Life Group" . I am not going to call it that . This is a perfect example of something that did not need to change . I am sorry let me get back to finishing on a good note . My friend Jessi had a cook out at his house for all of us . I burnt hot dogs ate chili and threw marshmallows .That was a lot fun and I would like to thank for all the time and effort he and his family put in to this party . We where running around playing and throwing marshmallows with the kids at the kids and each other . This was something fun that the whole family could enjoy . If you can believe this we done all this without safety classes and nobody got hurt . Yes, I said we threw marshmallows at each other without safety classes and not one person was injured .

Please remember invite a freind to church . God bless ,and I hope to see you at church.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The good Lord blessed me with a opportunity to take a nice eight point buck . This was the first time i hunted this stand . I had got several pictures of bucks on my game camera at this stand but i could not get the right conditions to hunt it . The conditions were all good yesterday . I am going to borrow a line from the guy's on Realtree Outdoors ( The Proof Is In The pudding) . This bucks neck was starting to swell . I shot him at 8.20 AM yesterday morning with my bow .

I went to pick Alli up from school yesterday afternoon and ran into Mike my friend who had been in Spain for three months . He is a member of the 188TH Air Force Guard Unit . It was nice to get to visit with him . I know his family and friends are glad he is back .

P.S. I did not take the stupid back pack with me yesterday . I will let you in on the story about the backpack soon.

God bless , and have a Great day

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Had To Do It

I could not make it any longer,i had to take a day off . Today should be a good day for the deer to be on the move . So this morning I am going to grab my bow and head to the woods . Any day Is a great day to be in the great outdoors and we all should take the time and thank GOD for his wonderful creation .

Hey guy's if you really want to get away with your wife let me recommend the longbow resort in Prim , Ar .This is more for the guy .There is really not a whole lot to do or places to go once you get there . This is a place to go and hang out and enjoy the view and enjoy the time with your wife . Dena and I went there a few years ago and really enjoyed ourselves .Well , I wish I had more time but it is time to head to the woods . Before I go I would like to say thank you to all my friends and family for all the good times and being there during the rough times .

God Bless,And have a Great day

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It Is Getting Closer

The rut is getting closer .I have been seeing more bucks during the daylight.The most of the movement is occuring early in the morning and again in the middle of the day .I seen a buck that you could tell is neck is getting bigger.This makes me want to grab my bow and STUPID BACKPACK and head for the great outdoors.There is a story behind the whole stupid backpack.There will be atleast one reader who knows what i am talking about .

I took my wife (Dena ) turkey hunting this weekend .I really enjoyed spending time with her and listening to all the sounds of the early morning , watching the sun come up ,and listening to the turkey as they fly down .We seen several turkey and herd some deer blowing at us .I will never tell the whole story about this hunt .I will finish up by saying ,i had fun that morning and hope to do that with her again in the near future.We all should try and get more people involved in the outdoors.We are losing ground everyday to developers and other groups .

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let Us Get Started

This is my first day and I do not have a lot of time ,so I will keep it short.Iwoke up this morning on the right side of the grass so i had a good start to this day .It was real hard for me to come to work today .It is a cloudy cool morning and that makes me want to go hunting.My friend Mike will be home today ,it will be nice to talk to him again.