Friday, April 24, 2009


P90x 1 and Jackie 0 . I have injured myself doing this workout . I guess i should say re injured my hip and maybe my back . I am taking a steroid pack for six days to see if that will fix the problem . This stinks !!!!!!!! I hate that I had to drop out . I feel like I have let myself and the guys down . I have a family to feed and bills to pay so I have to do what Is best for my body . I can make this statement with confidence " as soon as the doctors release me I will be back and giving 100% " . Someday I will realize I can not do the things i used to do . I look at it this way , If you are going to do something be sure and give it your all .

God Bless, Have a GREAT WEEKEND

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It Is Tuesday

I made It through Sunday and Monday . I hope that Is all the misfortunes I have for a while . I know things could have been a lot worse . Thank You all for your FRIENDSHIP .

God Bless, Have a Greaaat Day !

Monday, April 13, 2009


Well , I got up this morning wrote on my blog and went to the church and did P90X . I came home and did a little turkey hunting and then decided I would go over to my uncle's and do a little more hunting . I jumped in my truck turned the key and nothing happened . You guessed It ,the battery Is dead . I am setting here writing this blog and waiting for the battery to charge so I can continue my hunting . What a beautiful day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can not beat a 45 degree day and drizzle for turkey hunting . HA ! HA ! I hope this week does not continue the way It has started . I think I am going to go and have a biscuit and gravy . Later !



It is Monday morning and I am writing on the blog . I hope this not a typical Monday , after the Sunday I had . I know we all have our bad days but I just wanted to vent a little . If I do It on the blog and you do not want to hear about It you just click escape or close . I hope everybody has a wonderful Monday . Thank you all for logging on and reading this .

God Bless

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What A Day

We started the day off by sleeping to long . Allie woke and started wondering why the Easter Bunny did not leave her anything . After that was over we realized all of our new cloths fit except Keelie's . It was on a hanger marked 2T and it is a 12 month . After getting Dena past that we were running a little late and then Dena said she was not going to sign in the choir . I told her i would finish getting Keelie ready and we would meet her at church . Then the nice cold rainy day and the kids not getting to hunt Easter eggs . Then we were getting ready to leave and i heard a gun shot from my neighbors house . When we finished getting ready i decided to stop by and see what he had shot . It was Dena's turkey i have been taking pictures of and feeding for the past two months . The turkey had a ten inch beard . I was a little disappointed by this and was not paying attention to what i was doing and backed into one of his trees and damaged the rear of Dena's car . It also knocked the tree over . So, now i have to go over and cut the tree up and get it out of his way . This has been a tough day and i am glad it is all over with . I am trying to stay positive but that is easier said than done . The good news is that we are serving a risen God and everybody in the family is healthy . I know there are people that have it worst than me everyday . I hope everybody had a better day than I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was not all bad . Dena's wonderful grandmother fixed turkey and dressing for lunch . We went home took a nap . Then we all just hung out and played .

GOD BLESS , Have A Great Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Sunday

There is a lot more to Easter Sunday than getting new cloths ,hiding eggs, and eating lunch with your family after church . Easter Sunday is not about the Easter Bunny it is All about the RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST . I pray for all who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus . This is the only way to get to Heaven ! Being the best person in the world and giving everything you can will not get you to Heaven . This world is dieing fast ! Jesus gave is life so that we all would have the opportunity to get to Heaven . You can not do that without accepting him into your life . When you accept Jesus into your life , life does not end a better life just began . Yes , there are things you will not want to do anymore but there are better things waiting for you if you serve Jesus . It just floors me when i think that Jesus died on that cross for me . Can you imagine if someone walked up to you and told you they would die for you so that you would have a better life ( and they did ) ? I bet you would feel like you owed that person for the rest of your life . That is exactly what Jesus did . I pray there is just one person out there that might read this and at least come visit church or just ask someone about Jesus . Lives are still being saved !!!!!!!!!!!!

The Winters

I would like to thank the Winters for tackling the job of planning fellowships for our Sunday School Class . They do a wonderful job and i know for sure i do not Thank them enough . I can not imagine trying to schedule these events around everybody's schedules . That would be tough ! We had a wonderful time at the picnic . I wish everyone could have made it . Again , i want to give a Big Thank You to the Winters for planning all our little get togethers . You guys are a blesssing !

God Bless , I hope to see everybody in the morning . Happy Easter !!


Dena and I went turkey hunting this morning . This was a lot of fun for me . We did not have any luck . We did see one long beard but a little out of Dena's rang .We had several hens come within ten yards and hung out for about ten minutes . We heard about ten gobbles . Dena went back by herself and heard another gobble . This was a lot of fun for me because as most of you know i love to go hunting so you can only imagine how much fun it was to go with the one that i love . I believe Dena had a good time after she thawed out . We just sat there and enjoyed all of God's creations . We are really blessed to have Dena parent's be so willing to help us . Nita got up and watched the girls while we went hunting . I want to thank them for all they do . I will post the pictures when she gets one .