Sunday, April 12, 2009

What A Day

We started the day off by sleeping to long . Allie woke and started wondering why the Easter Bunny did not leave her anything . After that was over we realized all of our new cloths fit except Keelie's . It was on a hanger marked 2T and it is a 12 month . After getting Dena past that we were running a little late and then Dena said she was not going to sign in the choir . I told her i would finish getting Keelie ready and we would meet her at church . Then the nice cold rainy day and the kids not getting to hunt Easter eggs . Then we were getting ready to leave and i heard a gun shot from my neighbors house . When we finished getting ready i decided to stop by and see what he had shot . It was Dena's turkey i have been taking pictures of and feeding for the past two months . The turkey had a ten inch beard . I was a little disappointed by this and was not paying attention to what i was doing and backed into one of his trees and damaged the rear of Dena's car . It also knocked the tree over . So, now i have to go over and cut the tree up and get it out of his way . This has been a tough day and i am glad it is all over with . I am trying to stay positive but that is easier said than done . The good news is that we are serving a risen God and everybody in the family is healthy . I know there are people that have it worst than me everyday . I hope everybody had a better day than I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was not all bad . Dena's wonderful grandmother fixed turkey and dressing for lunch . We went home took a nap . Then we all just hung out and played .

GOD BLESS , Have A Great Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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