Saturday, April 11, 2009


Dena and I went turkey hunting this morning . This was a lot of fun for me . We did not have any luck . We did see one long beard but a little out of Dena's rang .We had several hens come within ten yards and hung out for about ten minutes . We heard about ten gobbles . Dena went back by herself and heard another gobble . This was a lot of fun for me because as most of you know i love to go hunting so you can only imagine how much fun it was to go with the one that i love . I believe Dena had a good time after she thawed out . We just sat there and enjoyed all of God's creations . We are really blessed to have Dena parent's be so willing to help us . Nita got up and watched the girls while we went hunting . I want to thank them for all they do . I will post the pictures when she gets one .

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