Thursday, March 26, 2009


Check out Phillip and his new Diet Coke Commercial .

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

? - / @ ^ & *

Not a whole lot has been going on so that leaves me with nothing to write about . The kids are acting like kids and Dena is being her sweet little self . Other than a little pink eye everybody has been doing well . I know the allergy season is not here yet but normally with the weather we have been having it messes with somebody's allergy's . We have been really blessed this year . God has really pleased our family , knock on wood Dena or my job does not seem to be in any kinda trouble . I am so thankful each and every day that i have a job to wake up to each and every morning . I hope everybody has a great week and enjoy the spring break . Tell somebody how God has blessed you, that might be what they need to hear . God is still in the business of saving lives .

God Bless,

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break

Do you remember growing up and how there were certain times you always looked forward to ? I remember spring break because it was the time of year we always would go camping . I remember my grandpa getting the tent and the fishing poles ready each year . Can you imagine if life was still that simple ? If we did not think we had to go some place far off each break or had to stay at the nicest hotel or if you actually got to rest on your break . Would it not be nice just to take one break where you got to hang out and enjoy life with your family ? I think we all bring a little of the fast pace life we live in on our selves . Do we really need to run all over the country to say we lived a good life . My answer is No !

I am not saying that a family vacation is not nice . I enjoy a good family vacation . I am saying just because the kids are out of school does not mean we have to go on a vacation . My personal experience with a vacation is that you run crazy on vacation and you come home more tired than you were when you left . I can not tell you how many times I have heard someone say i can not wait to get back to work so i can rest . Take time and enjoy life .

God Bless ,

Friday, March 13, 2009


I am not real sure what to write about . After we are done with P90X i am empty . I have nothing on my mind besides rest . P90X is a lot of fun and i enjoy doing the work out each morning . I already get up at 4:00 AM and head to church and i can not make my self get up any earlier than that . We have added a few people this week so feel free to come join us for P90x IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL A LOT BETTER . I want to thank all the guys who get up each morning and come down and go through this me .

God Bless , Have a great day and a wonderful weekend

I want to thanks to all our men and women in the Armed Forces for all you do .

Monday, March 9, 2009


Can you believe the weather we had this weekend ? Can you believe the weather we are going to have this week ? Sure is nice to live in Arkansas where if you do not like the weather just wait a day . Dena and I took the girls to the park Saturday before the basketball game . It is amazing how nice weather seems to put a smile on everybody face . We had a good time just taking a break from the fast pace world we live in and spending time with the girls . I wish we could do this every weekend i really enjoy just hanging out and not having to worry where you have to go next .

God Bless , Have a great day

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I am Worried

Did anybody read Jeb's blog ? He said that husbands better watch out because our wives are going to love him more now that he is on P 90 X . Then i found out that my wife payed for one of his haircuts . Then i heard them talking on the phone the other day . I guess p 90 x is not working on me like it is on Jeb . I guess that is why we had to go on this marriage retreat this weekend . Jessi better watch out because Shell may have been talking to Jeb also . Hey , after i seen his picture on his blog after p 90 x it makes me want to be like Jeb . Great Picture Jeb ! I hope nobody takes any of this serious , because i am just messing with Jeb . What a great guy !

God Bless, Have a great day

Monday, March 2, 2009

P 90 X

I just finished the ab ripper X . I am about to die now but i think it will pay off in 90 days . I really enjoy this work out . I think that we all agree that just after one week we all have more energy . I have been following the diet and lost about a 1/2" off my waist in one week . This is not a easy work out ,this is one that really makes you work ( and cry sometimes ) . We are still doing it every morning at the ROC AT 5:00 .IF YOU WANT TO GET IN SHAPE AND FEEL BETTER WE WILL SEE YOU IN THE MORNING . I want to thank Jeb , Scott, Brother Ronnie , and Nelson for doing this with me . It is always better when you have friends to do it with .

God Bless, Have a great day

What A Weekend

Dena and i went to DRY GULCH USA this weekend . The Winters also went to this . Jessi is the one who told us about this retreat . This was a marriage retreat where we renewed our vows . We got to play all the video games we wanted , ride go carts , horse back riding (if you wanted to) , and a wagon ride . There was more than enough food to eat . We had steak Friday and Saturday . We had Mexican for lunch on Saturday . Great breakfast buffet . We had movies both nights . Then came the big show on Saturday Night we men dressed up the best that we could and the ladies put on their finest dresses and we took a carriage ride to the church where we renewed our wedding vows . This was a great time and we will do this again next year . This is something i think everybody would enjoy . I know the four of us had a great time . We did not get to do much outside activities because of all the snow but we had a great time .

God Bless, Have a great day