Monday, March 2, 2009

What A Weekend

Dena and i went to DRY GULCH USA this weekend . The Winters also went to this . Jessi is the one who told us about this retreat . This was a marriage retreat where we renewed our vows . We got to play all the video games we wanted , ride go carts , horse back riding (if you wanted to) , and a wagon ride . There was more than enough food to eat . We had steak Friday and Saturday . We had Mexican for lunch on Saturday . Great breakfast buffet . We had movies both nights . Then came the big show on Saturday Night we men dressed up the best that we could and the ladies put on their finest dresses and we took a carriage ride to the church where we renewed our wedding vows . This was a great time and we will do this again next year . This is something i think everybody would enjoy . I know the four of us had a great time . We did not get to do much outside activities because of all the snow but we had a great time .

God Bless, Have a great day

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Philip said...

Sounds like fun...