Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jessie Winters

Jessie is a member of First Baptist Greenwood. He is married to Michelle and they have two girls. He is also the planner of all of our life group fellowships. That has to be a tough job. Dena and I can barely decided what we are going to have for supper. I can't imagine having to plan something for a whole group. He always does a great job and we thank him for all that he does. I'm sure Michelle helps him with the planning, so thank you Michelle.

We were both new to the church and meet in our life group. I got to know him and we started talking about our house and how we had built it ourselves. He told me that him and Michelle were thinking about doing the same so we talked about it and he decided to do the same. I feel like both of us were put in this life group for a reason. Since then when have become really good friends. Thanks Jessie for your friendship.

God Bless,

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jeb Baldwin

Jeb is a true friend . I have known this guy for a long time . I would do anything for him and i believe he would do the same for me . I even lived with him for awhile .This is a guy that would help anybody . I believe he puts himself last on things to take care of . Jeb is a member of the Air Force , attends First Baptist Greenwood (serves anywhere he is needed ) , father of two ( 1 boy and one girl ) , and married to his high school sweet heart . Jeb will be leaving to serve our country on June 13 . He will be missed by his friends and family . I hope that Shelli knows she can call on Dena or myself for anything . I know this is going to be tough on both Jeb and his family . I heart and prayers go out for them . Like Jeb always tells me , GOD will never give me more than I can Handel . What a great attitude!!!!!!Thanks for the Friendship!!!

God Bless , Remember all our soldiers and their families .

Phillip Darr

When I grow up I want to be just like Phillip Darr . This guy is the same every time you see him. I know his family went through some tough times but you could not tell it by talking to him . Let me tell you if you do not know Phillip you are missing out . This guy is a christian , great family man , and on top of that he is funny . Just a little side note Phillip went to a Cards game for his birthday and almost did not make it back . The Cards Management seen his picture on Facbook and thought he looked like a natural and was trying to sign him while he was there . He decided to return Greenwood . Thanks Phillip !

God Bless , Have a Great Day

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where Is Everybody

I know things come up and on Holiday weekends people go out of town . It has been awhile since I have seen or heard from some of you . I wanted to drop a few lines and let everybody know we have missed you and hope to to see you on Sunday .

I am glad to hear that Tim Is doing well . I hope to see a fast recovery for Tim .

God Bless ,

3 Day Weekend

I sure enjoy the three day weekends but it makes it tough to go back to work on Tuesday . It would be really cool if i had one of those jobs that work four on and three off . I could work four tens so that I could have a three day weekend every week . It would be nice to do like some people and have the whole summer off . I would not know what to do with all the free time . Let me think about that !!!!!!!!!?????????? I would swim with the girls , go to the park with the girls , play In the sand with the girls , and do a lot of fishing . Yeah , I could deal with that .

God Bless , Have a GreAAAAAAAAAAAAAAt Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our Military

I would like to say Thank you to all our Military . You guys do a wonderful job . You do not receive the respect you deserve . There is no job more important than the other . We need all of you to make it work . Keep up the good work and thank for the freedom we have today .

I say all these good things about our Military because i believe they are doing a great job . I am worried about the Commander and Chief . I am not real sure about all His idea's . I do agree with some of his idea's . I hope and pray he does not take from our military to save money . You know there are Countries just waiting for us to do something like that .Ihope his heart is with all Americans not just a select few .

God Bless ,

Enjoy The Rain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Can Not Change It !!!!!!!!!!!

" Life Groups"

I believe if you really want to grow in Gods word you need to be in a " Life Group " . You have that one on one we all need . It is nice to have someone who can help you with your questions at that time . I know I listen to brother Ronnie and will say something I have a question about I have to wait until he has time to talk . God has really blessed are class . I can not say enough good things about John and Angel . We have a really great group of people .

John and Angel Thank you for teaching our class . The both of you have been a blessing . I thank the both of you for your friendship . I might be Angels only friend !! Just kidding !!! If anybody is looking for a" LIFE GROUP " stop by and check out our class at 10: 30 . God is doing wonderful things !!!!!! Who better could you choose to follow ? The answer is nobody ! I like the quote " GIVE THE BEST THAT YOU HAVE TO THE BEST THERE IS " . God is Wonderful .

God Bless

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Check out this picture of Keelie and the proper form for kicking . P90X Is working for her ! Kempo X It works ! I know what most of you are thinking . This kid does not need this .

God Bless ,

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Day To Relax

I got off work and met my Pop @ Walters Law Firm and picked up Allie and we went fishing . We have a friend who has a really nice stock pond . I seen a chance to spend some time with my Pop and Allie and jumped at this chance . We had a really good time ! Then we got home and just hung out . Monday was a pretty good day . I will be glad when the forty days of rain has come to pass . I mean enough Is enough !

God Bless,

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jeb 's Mayor

Did anybody read the Greenwood Democrat this week ? I read about what a great job Jeb 's mayor was doing . I have tried to see the good In this guy but I keep thinking about all the trouble he has got himself Into and out of without much of a blemish . I know if I lived In the city limits i would be asking why Is car Is not tagged In the state he lives in , I would ask about the old lady that he took money from , why would you steal a sign , and why did he lose his car. It seems to me this guy has a problem with managing money and he does not mind breaking the law to get what he wants . He has made the town of Greenwood look bad more than one time . I can not understand why people keep wanting to defend this guy . I know there will be a day we all have to answer for the the things we have done here on earth . I guess I am a little old school . I like the good old days when a guys word was worth a lot , a hand shake was as good as a contract , and the guy we had running our town was honest and did his best to better Greenwood .

God Bless,


Is anybody else tired of the rain ? I know me and my family has had enough . I guess i should go ahead and say my yard has had enough also . We caught a few breaks during the week but does not look like we are going to catch any during the weekend . Do you ever wonder why we have the worst weather during the weekend ? It seems to me that the prettiest days always happen between Monday and Friday .

God Bless ,

Friday, May 1, 2009


Hey , I just wanted to log on and tip my hat to Jeb , Scott , Nelson , Ted , and Gary Don for sticking with P90x . I am still a little down because I had to drop out . I deserve to be called a big wimp . I could not complete the workout .

What A Wimp ,or Sissy ,or something like that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1