Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jeb Baldwin

Jeb is a true friend . I have known this guy for a long time . I would do anything for him and i believe he would do the same for me . I even lived with him for awhile .This is a guy that would help anybody . I believe he puts himself last on things to take care of . Jeb is a member of the Air Force , attends First Baptist Greenwood (serves anywhere he is needed ) , father of two ( 1 boy and one girl ) , and married to his high school sweet heart . Jeb will be leaving to serve our country on June 13 . He will be missed by his friends and family . I hope that Shelli knows she can call on Dena or myself for anything . I know this is going to be tough on both Jeb and his family . I heart and prayers go out for them . Like Jeb always tells me , GOD will never give me more than I can Handel . What a great attitude!!!!!!Thanks for the Friendship!!!

God Bless , Remember all our soldiers and their families .


Jeb said...

Thanks for the writing. Friends like you and D come along only once in a life time, and this is the BEST life time I can have. Memories I have of our "trials and errors" will always be cherished. We've laughed, cried, and shared a pink blanket a time or two (no cross thought intended). I would not trade that for anything. THANKS YOU for the friendship now and many more years to come.

Philip said...

God Bless Jeb and God Bless those that protect our country!