Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jessie Winters

Jessie is a member of First Baptist Greenwood. He is married to Michelle and they have two girls. He is also the planner of all of our life group fellowships. That has to be a tough job. Dena and I can barely decided what we are going to have for supper. I can't imagine having to plan something for a whole group. He always does a great job and we thank him for all that he does. I'm sure Michelle helps him with the planning, so thank you Michelle.

We were both new to the church and meet in our life group. I got to know him and we started talking about our house and how we had built it ourselves. He told me that him and Michelle were thinking about doing the same so we talked about it and he decided to do the same. I feel like both of us were put in this life group for a reason. Since then when have become really good friends. Thanks Jessie for your friendship.

God Bless,


Philip said...

I guess Jessie is all right.

Anonymous said...

thanks for being our friend & helping with our house.
And thanks for all the hunting adventures and looking to alot more.