Monday, June 1, 2009

Scott Houston

Scott and his wife Allison are both Prosecuting Attorneys . They have one little boy named Hunter . Scott and myself along with several others started working out at the church . You can really get to know a lot about a guy at 5:oo am . Scott also attends our Sunday School class .Here is a guy that you can tell loves the Lord and has put time in studying his word . Scott is one of those guys that Is just fun to hang out with . Scott and Allison will be adding a new addition to their family 8/01 / 09 . They are having a little boy . Congratulation Guys !!!!! Scott is one of those guys that is the same each and every time you see him . Scott Thank You and Allison for your friendship ! You Guys are Great !

God Bless,

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Philip said...

We are glad to have the Houston's as friends, and in our Life Group!