Monday, June 8, 2009

Tim Brinkley

Tim is our on staff Pro Football Player . Yes , pro football !!!!!!! He even had knee surgery .He done what the rest of us wanted to do but we decided we are to OLD . He works at Baldor as a electrical engineer . He has two little girls and Amy is his wife . Amy is a school teacher . Tim is a great guy . He is a christian who still has fun . I might add he is the best equipment manager I have ever seen on the Kickball Circuit .He has to be the best because he would have been the busiest guy last night .The men was dropping like bombs in the middle of a war . Tim thank you and your family for your friendship we are blessed to have you guys as friends and classmates .

God Bless ,

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Philip said...

Tim Brinkley...What a guy! That pretty much says it all. I still say he has something left in the tank and he does not need to let that football dream die!