Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Doug Russell

Doug Is one of those guy you will remember the rest of your life . He is a outstanding father ,christian , and farmer . I am not real sure how long Doug and his wife Ann have been attending our Sunday School class but we all are blessed to have them in our class . Doug has two boys .You know it is a lot of work being a farmer . There are those farmers who pay people to do the work and then there are farmers like Doug and his family who does the work themselves .DOUG IS A AWESOME BASKETBALL PLAYER ! I would be willing to bet he could beat anybody while wearing jeans . Doug does not mind donating his time to help the church and others . Doug thank you for all that you do . Thank you for your friendship .

God Bless

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Philip said...

Doug is a great guy. I bet he loves working outside farming. I told my dad years ago...I said dad, you know sometimes you would just like to raise cattle for a living. Because when you show up for work, they are glad to see you.