Thursday, June 25, 2009

John Ciesla

I can not say enough good things about this guy . He Is a devoted christian ,deacon , Sunday school teacher , Asst . Superintendent at Greenwood , wonderful father of four , and I am sure his wife would say he is a wonderful husband . Every time you see him he his smiling he Is always willing to help others . God really blessed our class when John decided to teach our class . He has been a blessing to me and my family . You could not find a better group of kids . All four of his kids are well mannered and good listeners . I enjoy playing around and picking on the kids . Conner is going to be a awesome turkey hunter some day . Next year he is going to show me how it is done .I do not know if John ever has a bad day . I am sure he does but he does not allow it to affect how he treats others . John thank you for your leadership and your friendship . I am sure everybody in our class would agree when i say we are blessed to have you as a teacher and friend .I have always heard that behind every good man there is a good women . I would have to agree with that statement . Angel thank you for all that you do .

God Bless , Have A Great Day


Jeb said...

Bob I think you hit the head on the nail with a 1000lb sledge hammer. Thanks John for your willingness to teach and be a friend at the same time.

Philip said...

We are truly blessed to have John and Angel leading our Life Group. God has truly blessed us as a group by leading John our way. Keep John in your prayers as he leads our group each Sunday, and is a part of our school system. Angel is great support for him as well.