Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jeb 's Mayor

Did anybody read the Greenwood Democrat this week ? I read about what a great job Jeb 's mayor was doing . I have tried to see the good In this guy but I keep thinking about all the trouble he has got himself Into and out of without much of a blemish . I know if I lived In the city limits i would be asking why Is car Is not tagged In the state he lives in , I would ask about the old lady that he took money from , why would you steal a sign , and why did he lose his car. It seems to me this guy has a problem with managing money and he does not mind breaking the law to get what he wants . He has made the town of Greenwood look bad more than one time . I can not understand why people keep wanting to defend this guy . I know there will be a day we all have to answer for the the things we have done here on earth . I guess I am a little old school . I like the good old days when a guys word was worth a lot , a hand shake was as good as a contract , and the guy we had running our town was honest and did his best to better Greenwood .

God Bless,

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