Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break

Do you remember growing up and how there were certain times you always looked forward to ? I remember spring break because it was the time of year we always would go camping . I remember my grandpa getting the tent and the fishing poles ready each year . Can you imagine if life was still that simple ? If we did not think we had to go some place far off each break or had to stay at the nicest hotel or if you actually got to rest on your break . Would it not be nice just to take one break where you got to hang out and enjoy life with your family ? I think we all bring a little of the fast pace life we live in on our selves . Do we really need to run all over the country to say we lived a good life . My answer is No !

I am not saying that a family vacation is not nice . I enjoy a good family vacation . I am saying just because the kids are out of school does not mean we have to go on a vacation . My personal experience with a vacation is that you run crazy on vacation and you come home more tired than you were when you left . I can not tell you how many times I have heard someone say i can not wait to get back to work so i can rest . Take time and enjoy life .

God Bless ,

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