Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I am Worried

Did anybody read Jeb's blog ? He said that husbands better watch out because our wives are going to love him more now that he is on P 90 X . Then i found out that my wife payed for one of his haircuts . Then i heard them talking on the phone the other day . I guess p 90 x is not working on me like it is on Jeb . I guess that is why we had to go on this marriage retreat this weekend . Jessi better watch out because Shell may have been talking to Jeb also . Hey , after i seen his picture on his blog after p 90 x it makes me want to be like Jeb . Great Picture Jeb ! I hope nobody takes any of this serious , because i am just messing with Jeb . What a great guy !

God Bless, Have a great day

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