Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Sunday

There is a lot more to Easter Sunday than getting new cloths ,hiding eggs, and eating lunch with your family after church . Easter Sunday is not about the Easter Bunny it is All about the RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST . I pray for all who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus . This is the only way to get to Heaven ! Being the best person in the world and giving everything you can will not get you to Heaven . This world is dieing fast ! Jesus gave is life so that we all would have the opportunity to get to Heaven . You can not do that without accepting him into your life . When you accept Jesus into your life , life does not end a better life just began . Yes , there are things you will not want to do anymore but there are better things waiting for you if you serve Jesus . It just floors me when i think that Jesus died on that cross for me . Can you imagine if someone walked up to you and told you they would die for you so that you would have a better life ( and they did ) ? I bet you would feel like you owed that person for the rest of your life . That is exactly what Jesus did . I pray there is just one person out there that might read this and at least come visit church or just ask someone about Jesus . Lives are still being saved !!!!!!!!!!!!

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