Thursday, October 23, 2008


Hey , I want to thank you guys who left comments and taking the time to read my blogs . Phillip left a comment on one of the blogs . Now about Phillip ,he is a really outstanding guy . He knows just about anything when comes to sports . His speciality his making people laugh and smile . A real super guy .His brother owns Mad Pizza in Rogers a must . I will drive anytime someone wants to try it . His brother Mark is a real nice guy .You rally need to try it . Jeb , Jessi , Mike , Phillip , John C. , John M. ,Tim B. , and TIM . These are the guys in my sunday school class( life group if you will) . This is a real great group of guys that really get a long and have a lot of together . If you are not attending a sunday school class come see us at 10:45 room 202 at the rock . We have a great group of women also .

Jessi , Mike , Conner( mikes son) , and myself are going hunting this weekend . We plan on having a lot of fun . I think it is awesome to see mike and his son together in the great outdoors . Jessi and i only have girls . I am not complaining because i would not trade either one of my girls . I will probably miss a few days . I know your not missing anything but i just wanted to let you know . Remember to invite a friend to church because God is still saving lives .CHUCK NORRIS ONCE WATCHED 60 MINUTES IN JUST 20 MINUTES . Chuck for president!!!

God Bless , Have a great day
JANA my sister in-law or outlaw which ever she might be cooked breakfast for her family . We enjoy giving her a hard time about cooking . I plan on making a whole blog about her in the near future . I still have not got that breakfast food from my super mother in-law yet .

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Jeb said...

When Chuck Nooris lifts weights the machines get BIGGER.