Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Sure

I am just going to ramble a little this morning . We went to the cabin this weekend i believe we all had a good time . I seen a few deer but no big one . Jessi and Mike did not see any . Conner had to go home Saturday he was feeling very well . I have not spoke to Mike to see how he is doing . I almost had a heart attack . I almost got bit by a rattle snake . I think i may have peed a little . Jessi it not believe me at first . When he seen and heard it rattle he was a believer . Long story short we had a good time .

It was nice to get home to my three girls . The girls could not wait for me to get home so we could play . I really miss them when i am gone . One night is not so bad but more than that is tough . My wife ask when i was going back . No ,i am just kidding . She said she was ready for me to get home also .

We are having a deer camp(Lead Slingers) at MT. Magazine on the 11/8/08 .If you would like to go give me a call @ 252-0166 or 996-1230 .We plan on having a lot of fun .Remember invite a friend to church .

God Bless , Have a great day

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