Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Chase and More

I know last week i talked about the rut getting close ,i now believe it is here . I have talked to a lot of the local pros and they seem to agree . I always thought that the rut happened around the first new moon in November . I really believe that the rut is affected by cold spells .I know this is not what all the pros tell you on tv , but like the guys from Realtree Outdoors says " The Proof Is In The Pudding" . Jason ( my brother in -law) and I seen a Huge buck chasing a doe on our way to Mt Magazine last weekend . I have been keeping up with the time that people say they start seeing bucks chasing does for the past several years . What have found out is if there is a cold front in the middle of October people start seeing bucks chasing does .If there is not a clod front it usually happens in the last week of October . This is the info i received by talking to all the local hunters over the years . All the conditions are right ,so use those last vacation days or sick days and get in the woods .

Now , for the more part of this post . I am really tired of seeing all the negative stuff in the news paper about our community . Greenwood is really a nice place to live and I do not like it when i tell someone that I am from Greenwood and they start off by saying "that is the town where the mayor is always in the paper for something he has done wrong " . Is this really what the people of Greenwood want to be know for ? No, we would like to be known for being a friendly town , nice clean town ,town with great leadership ,and so on . Ken Edwards has NO RIGHT BEING A MAYOR . Here is what I know about the guy ,he can take care of his own finances (car getting repoed) , he has stolen money from elderly Lady's , he lost his right to practice law , and the latest thing stealing signs out of peoples yard . This is not what we want leading our town . He is a poor example of what we want Greenwood to know for . So do something, do not just sit back and let this low life run our down in the ground . I would like to touch on one thing about the whole stealing signs . I know by law he can remove signs from the right of way but not out of peoples yards . If i had the right to do something i sure what be doing it at two thirty in the morning in a friends car . Please tell a friend you are tired of all this and maybe they will tell a friend . If enough people get involved maybe we can make something happen . I have a stupid backpack i would give him ,if he would just pack up and leave town . Remember invite a friend to church this week and get in the outdoors as often as you can .

God Bless, Have a great day

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