Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today I am going to take time to wish my mother in-law (Nita) a big happy birthday . Let me tell you a little bit about her . She is a very wonderful ,helpful,loving ,caring ,considerate and so on . I really just ran out of words . There are more and better words to describe her . I would also like to Thank her for everything she does for me and the girls . I want to spend a little time telling you some of the things she does . She watches both are little girls during the day and when Keelie wants to go home with her at night without hesitation she says come on . If we need her to watch the girls during the weekend or early in the morning she is always there for us . When you need help with the computer or just help around the house she is there . I will never be able to to truly let you know what a wonderful mother in -law i have through my writings . I hope that everybody understands what i am trying to say about her . God has Blessed me with the Greatest mother in-law . Thank you Nita for everything and I hope you have a great day. Did i mention that she can cook up a mean breakfast (Hint) . HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Sometimes we do not take the time to thank others like we should . I know that i am going to start doing a better job . Sometimes a little thank you might be just what a person needs to hear to brighten there day .

God Bless, Have a great day

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