Thursday, October 30, 2008

Please Vote

The weather is getting cold it is time to be bold . The election is near and Oboma's views are clear . Do not hesitate if you make a mistake , kill the unborn baby and you can be a non pregnant lady . His faith is very clear when times are tough i am a muslim ,he said without a tear . I will choose the questions you ask because the tough ones might be a task .

Here is the way i see it . The guy has been confused on what type of religion he his . What makes people think he can be in the White House and not be confused ? I would have had more respect for the guy ,if he would have said i am a muslim at the very beginning . That proves to me he just says what he thinks people want to hear . His slogan his all about Change . If he wins that is going to be all we have ( in the bank) . I am going to quit before i really get started . I think everybody knows how i feel and what is important to me . My friend Mike said that this country does not deserve Gods mercy and i agree with him 100% . Pray for this country and all of our voters . I am going to grab that stupid backpack and head to another subject .

The big day is just a little over a week away . The opening day of gun season starts 11/08/08 .I believe this season will be a good one . I have seen several bucks this year . I have had several others tell me that they are seeing more deer this year . I am ready it has been awhile since we had a real deer camp . Sleeping on the ground in the cold , building a camp fire ,hanging out with a great group of guys , and going to the bathroom in the woods . I have a question what did the deer do that made us go this crazy about killing them ( i borrowed this question from Jason) .

Here is the Lead Slingers Deer Camp slogan If The Lead Is Flying There Is Something Dieing .If anybody can think of some others let us know . This one came from Mike, I thought it was pretty good . Just for the record you can not kill anything if you do not shout . Bring your gun and come join us . The blind man once said to is deaf daughter i can see . Hope everybody has a wonderful day .

God Bless

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Jeb said...

Are you sure O-bomb-a will be in the WHITE HOUSE or will it get painted a different color? Say maybe Hot Pink?
By the way
Slung the Lead, but Nothing is Dead,
Go back to camp and get my pillow damp,(cry)
This year has come and gone,
The stupid deer got away,
But this I will have to say,
I saw him there and did not blink,
All I think about is the White House is now PINK.