Friday, October 31, 2008

Keelie will be turning two tomorrow . Time seemed to drag by and then you have kids and they grow up really fast . There are days i just wonder how did Allie get this big . Did i sleep a couple of years . I usually run from one thing to another , but not lately. I really enjoy just going out in the yard and playing with the girls . It is tough at times because you got to keep a close eye on Keelie . Allie kinda does her own thing or swings with Kellie . Kids are a lot of fun enjoy them while they are young because someday they will not think spending time with mom and dad is so important . God bless are kids!!!!

Here is something to think about . Take the time and think about how things have changed for the worse. Can you imagine how it will be for our kids ? I kinda feel sorry for them already . It just blows my mind how some people think . I try to see their side ( sometimes ) . Our kids are missing out because of all the Stupid people in this world today . We can not let are kids ride their bikes down the road , go down to the park , run through the woods by themselves and so on . I do not remember ever having the conversation about not talking to strangers . Now there are people who want hurt little kids and even kill them without any reason( like somebody running for president ) .

I WONDER IF ( AND I SURE HOPE AND PRAY NOT ) OBOMA WINS AND LATER ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DECIDE WE MADE A MISTAKE , WHAT WOULD HE SAY WE SHOULD DO. He said he would like for his daughter to have a choice if she ever made a mistake . I would like to say this ,i do not want to see him get killed just like i do not want little baby's to be killed . I hope i did not go to far this morning or is that mourning if he wins .

I am waiting for the Sooners to fire their Defensive Coordinator or hoping might be a better word .

God Bless

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Philip said...

You are right about wondering how it will be for our kids in the future. I remember hearing people say that and it is true. Things are getting rougher on planet earth. I feel for our kids. We know however that God is in Control!