Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fast Pace World

This weekend was opening of the Arkansas deer muzzle loading season . The only time that I will get to hunt is opening morning . It seems to me that there is always something going on . I remember growing up and having time to go and visit people and just hang out at the house . I am not real sure what changed .We all know change is not always a good thing . Take a good look at the person who is saying we need to CHANGE "THE GREATEST COUNTRY" . I will not get started on that subject . I will say this morning me and my family are making time to go to church . This is something Everybody should make time for . If Everybody would make time to serve the Lord and follow his word I can promise you this country would not be in the shape it is in today .We sure would not have a muslim running for president . My computer wanted me to capitalize muslim ,not going to do it . Please invite a friend to church and pray for country and our soldiers .

I would like for everybody take time to say a prayer for my friend John and his family .His brother passed away this week .We all know it is tough when you lose someone you love .This was a kinda of all at once . His brother was 54 years old . Before I turned 36 i thought 54 was old .

I started this off by saying how fast pace our lives are but I want to finish on a good note . Last night our sunday school class had our October fellowship(Yes,i said sunday school class) . Our church has changed suday school class to " Life Group" . I am not going to call it that . This is a perfect example of something that did not need to change . I am sorry let me get back to finishing on a good note . My friend Jessi had a cook out at his house for all of us . I burnt hot dogs ate chili and threw marshmallows .That was a lot fun and I would like to thank for all the time and effort he and his family put in to this party . We where running around playing and throwing marshmallows with the kids at the kids and each other . This was something fun that the whole family could enjoy . If you can believe this we done all this without safety classes and nobody got hurt . Yes, I said we threw marshmallows at each other without safety classes and not one person was injured .

Please remember invite a freind to church . God bless ,and I hope to see you at church.

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Philip said...

Two things...First and foremost..I hated to hear about Johnny's brother. Wow, it puts a lot of things in perspective. Johnny our hearts go out to you!

Second...I hated to miss our Sunday School party. I had family in and had to miss. We had such a great time last year at the first marshmallow war. Was really looking forward to it this year. I love our class and everyone in it.