Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It Is Getting Closer

The rut is getting closer .I have been seeing more bucks during the daylight.The most of the movement is occuring early in the morning and again in the middle of the day .I seen a buck that you could tell is neck is getting bigger.This makes me want to grab my bow and STUPID BACKPACK and head for the great outdoors.There is a story behind the whole stupid backpack.There will be atleast one reader who knows what i am talking about .

I took my wife (Dena ) turkey hunting this weekend .I really enjoyed spending time with her and listening to all the sounds of the early morning , watching the sun come up ,and listening to the turkey as they fly down .We seen several turkey and herd some deer blowing at us .I will never tell the whole story about this hunt .I will finish up by saying ,i had fun that morning and hope to do that with her again in the near future.We all should try and get more people involved in the outdoors.We are losing ground everyday to developers and other groups .

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