Thursday, October 23, 2008


What has this world became .Here are the things that i am a little confused about . Please help me !!!!!!! Some places are now allowing same sex marriages . How Stupid is that ?? Yes, i used the word stupid to describe some politician . I am not saying they all are stupid . I KNOW A FEW THAT ARE PRETTY GOOD GUYS . You actually have people accepting this . We have people at our church trying to say we should accept this . My good friend Jeb ( i am going bald) Baldwin got in a pretty heated discussion with her about this matter . That is what i like to see ,people who are going to stand up for what is right . We need more people to stand up like that . If people would have took a stand early maybe we would not be in the mes we are in . Here are some of the reason you should elect obomba for president . Just for the record i know i spelled his name wrong . Now back to the subject . He has a pretty smile , we need a change ,he is not Republican , he has not been in politics long enough to have been corrupted by the old guys , i am tired of the way things are being run , and my favorite one is simply because he is a Democrat . Here is what i have to say to all the God believers in this world . The guy is a killer and anybody who votes for him might as well be one also . The guy votes for abortion and partial birth abortion . That is without any question 100 percent killing of a very beautiful thing God gave us . I am going to move on before i really get fired up . We are giving money to companies who did not run their companies properly . Kinda makes me want to open my own business
Hey, i did hear Greenwood mayor ken edwards was out picking up trash yesterday . The only thing he was missing was his ORANGE jump suit . This is a town ready for a change .

Now for some good things . My wife's Granny ( mine also i adopted her) cooks lunch for us every Sunday after CHURCH . The whole family meets there and has lunch together . Thank you Gran !!!!!! My youngest daughter absolutely loves hanging out with her . I can not say enough good things about Gran . If i tried i would be here all day . She will help with anything she can . Tom (grans husband) this is one cool guy . He will also do anything for you . He is as sharp as a tack . He can fix just about anything . What a great guy!!!

Hey buddy Mike is back and we are supposed to go hunting this weekend . He brought the guys who helped him a knife back from Spain .Thanks Mike !!!

I had brake issues on my truck last week . I thought i was going to have to take it to a dealer .The sound of that cost me 20 dollars . My friend Jessi knew Brian at Jim Grizzle Tire in Fort Smith and the brake guy (Gary) told me what was wrong with my brakes free of any charge .Thanks Jessi for everything !!!!!! Jessi is also going hunting this weekend . We all should have a lot of fun . Warning to all deer we are coming .

Take the time to tell a friend about God and invite them to church . Take the time to tell any armed force member Thank You . Thank You Guys For Our Freedom . HOW MUCH WOOD WOULD A WOODCHUCK CHUCK IF HE WAS CHUCK NORRIS ? ALL OF IT BECAUSE HE IS CHUCK NORRIS.

God Bless , Have a great day

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just for fun said...

there is no such thing as a same sex marriage... Dolan what ever those morons are doing its certianly not a marriage. It may be legal in some places but its sure not a marriage..