Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year

I wanted to get this started by saying THANK YOU to John and Angel . I am very thankful that they decided to take over our Sunday School Class . I am very thankful we have a guy like Jessi to plan everything for us . I am very thankful for everybody else for the friendships we have built and are building . What a great group of people God has given me the privilege to know . I wish everybody a HAPPY New Year .

We had a great time @ the party Wednesday . We started it with John asking the blessing on the food and the fun began . One of the most important things @ a party is the food . There was plenty of that and it was good . The guys set in the den and watched a little football while we ate . The ladies set in the kitchen and talked about what great husbands they have . The kids kinda just ran around and having a good time . Our house has been child proofed .

Now after we ate Jeb , Jessi , and John brought controllers and Wii Golf . The guys took turns playing . Jeb owns the game so he was the Pro @ this game . This was a lot of fun . You hit the ball and if the ball goes the wrong direction you just shake your Wii and try to get the ball headed in the right direction . What a deal !!!!!! Can you imagine having something like that in real golf ? That would be fun to watch . I can picture this , Jeb hitting the ball and the ball starts to hook so he starts spinning his club the other direction to try and get it to land where he would like for it to land . That would be funny watching people play golf if that actually worked . If it did work i might be able to play .

While all this was taking place the ladies were sitting around the table talking about what great husbands they have . I am not sure what they were talking about but they looked like they were having a good time . Hey, guys this does not sound good for us . The ladies set around talking about what great husbands they have and we were off eating , watching football , and playing Wii . I will pray for us .

We also played the newly wed game . I am proud to say that John and Staci won . Here is some good news , Jeb and Shelli did not finish last . That tells me Jeb does listen a little . This should have earned Jeb some brownie points . I would like to say this Staci 's faced turned red on a couple of questions ( you can ask her for more info) . This was pretty funny and i hope everybody enjoyed .

Jeb , Shelli , Jana , Jason , Dena , and myself played a game called battle of the sexes . This is a board game and the men get asked questions that women should know the answer and the women get ask the questions men should know the answer . We played this until 1:30 and that is how the party ended .

I would like to take the time to thank all of you that came .Thanks for all the wonderful food that was brought and thank you for a wonderful time of fellowship . God has truly blessed our class . We have a wonderful group and we owe God for that . I believe he puts people in certain places @ certain times for certain reasons . I can see this class really growing close . God Is Wonderful !!!! I wish everybody could have been there but i understand it is tuff getting everybody together @ the same time .

God Bless, Have a wonderful New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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