Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Phillip and Kelly

I want to thank The Darr Family for opening their house on Sunday nights . I really feel like everybody is growing a little closer . There has not been anybody upset at on another . It always seems we are there for one another . Normally when you get a big group together there is somebody who gets their feelings hurt and gets mad . I have not heard any of this in our class . That just speaks volume for the people in our class and tells me we are all focused on what God wants us to do . I would like to thank everybody in our class for their friendship . We really are blessed with a great group of people . Hey , Phillip i will try to get out of there before 7:30 this week . I think i seen you yawning a couple of times the other night . I took the hint !!

If there is anybody reading this that does not attend a Sunday School Class we are @ the Rock @ 10:45 first door on the left @ the top of the stairs . We would love to have you . We have a lot of fun and really enjoying studying the word of God .

God Bless , Have Great Day ( I will get to see Jeb this morning, i know you are jealous .)

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Philip said...

No hints intended. I am always tired. Kelley and I have enjoyed having everyone over. We have also enjoyed the class and everyone's friendship.