Sunday, January 4, 2009


This is just kinda a vent for me . Yesterday was a beautiful day so there was people out riding their bikes . Now the vent starts !!!! It drives Dena and me crazy when we are driving down a road and the speed limit is 45 and you have to drive 15 because the bikes are riding own the road . This was over by Wells Lake .There is a brand new five foot sidewalk they could be riding on and they choose to ride on the road and slow down traffic . Here is what i have to say to those that ride their bike in the middle of the road where you can not get around them . Get out of the way !!!!!!!! If you want the right to ride down the middle of the road go register your bike , start paying taxes on it , and obeying the traffic laws . I understand if the road you are riding on does not have a sidewalk or shoulder . If the road you choose to ride on has a shoulder use it when you hear a car behind you . Hey, bikes get out of the way . Note to all bike riders there are plenty of trails to ride on in the woods . Find One!!!!!!!!!

God Bless , Have a Great Day ( You too bike riders)

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Philip said...

I agree...It would not surprise me to hear that there are many accidents due to this problem.