Friday, January 16, 2009

What A Week

Man can you believe it is already Friday ? It seems like this week just flew by . Monday was kinda slow and after that it was like a F-16 in war . Well, maybe not that fast but still pretty fast . The sad part about that is the weekend will go by even faster . I hope everybody had a good week .

I do want to mention that there was a young man ask Jesus to be the boss of his life Wednesday night at Kid mo . That is exciting as it gets !!!!! You can not top that . That makes everything we do on Wednesday night worth it . The leaders are smiling the parents are smiling and crying with joy . This tells me two things , we are serving a AWESOME GOD and he is still in the business of saving lives .

I can say there is not a better moment when your child comes to you and says " I want to make Jesus the boss of my life " . I am telling you that is Awesome !!! The parents of this young man was proud . What a great week ! Maybe something great like that will happen on Sunday . I hope to see you all there .

God Bless , Have a great weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope nobody has to work .

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Mike said...

It is an awesome thing when kids come to know Christ. My thanks to all of the people who make Kidmo happen each week!