Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Question , has it been tuff trying to get back into your regular schedule ? I know everyday this week i have not wanted to get out of bed . The holidays just kill me . I get up when i want i go to sleep when Keellie will let me . It is tuff having a schedule it would be a whole lot easier if someone would just give me money . I think things will get back to norml after this week . Today is the hump day if we can get through today it is all down hill to the weekend . I HOPE NONE OF YOU HAVE TO WORK THIS WEEKEND . Sorry , for the guys in guard and Thank You for evrything you guys do . I hope to see you @ Church Sunday .

God Bless , I hope evrybody has a great day

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Philip said...

Yes, it is definitely hard to go back to work after the holidays. There should be a vacation after the holidays.