Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thank You

I would like take the time time to say thank you to John and Angel . I set back and think where would our class be without the two of them . I am not sure why Tony decided to step down but i am sure he felt like that is what God was leading him to do . We were uncertain where our class was headed . None of us are teachers besides Phillip . So we did what all good Christians do we just prayed about the future of our class . We were told they might want to teach our class . Then we got the word they had decided to teach our class . I had never meet John before so i was unsure . After meeting John i knew God had truly blessed our class .

A few weeks past i got to know John a little better and our friendship began to grow . I realize John and Angel are a perfect fit for our class . John is a great guy . He is a guy you can go and talk to and you feel like he understands you . This is a guy who will be there through thick and thin .You gotta watch Angel ! No , I am just kidding she is a great woman . I also want to say they have great kids . The whole family has been a blessing to my family .

I would also like to say thanks to Doug and Ann , Scott and Allison . I have really enjoyed getting to know you guys . It is nice to see new couples in class and building new friendships . Hey , Doug and Scott you guys could be apart of the Lead Slingers Deer Camp . Thank you guys for for choosing our class .

I would like say thanks to everybody in our class . You all have been a blessing to me and my family . We were unsure what to expect when we came for the first time . You guys made us feel welcome . We felt like we kinda had a connection and this is where God wanted us to be . Thank You All For Everything !!!!! See You On Sunday !!!!!

God Bless,

God Bless ,


Philip said...

Yes, prayers were definitley answered when John and Angel came to our class. I am also glad to see the new couples that have joined us. It has been good getting to know them.

outdoors and me said...

Phillip , Thank you for all your comments .