Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Can you believe this weather ? I really do not like the ice . I like the snow ! The ice has broke a few of my tree limbs and we were without power Monday night and part of Tuesday .

I was thinking of Phillip ,Mike and their families . Mike has a big hill to go down and stop before he goes into traffic on 71 hwy . Mike can go a different way that is not as bad . Now , poor Phillip sitting at the top of Greenwood with the beautiful view ,warm house , plenty to eat and his family are just stuck . I would not want to try to make it down that hill today . I would just have to stay at home . I know no one likes missing work . The kids are out of school and the wife does not have to work . This sounds like Phillip may have a chance to just sit back and relax with his family .

My wife is not lucky enough to miss work today . They still have to work on the bad weather days like the rest of the working world . She does not mind . Troy has a steep driveway , i would not want to go down in weather like this . Dena said he may have parked at the bottom so he could get out this morning . Hey , i wounder if Phillip parked at the bottom of his hill so he could get out . I mean it is only a 1/2 mile all up hill to his house . I am going to go check and see if Phillips car is at the bottom of the hill .

Let me tip my hat to Doug and his family . They do not get to miss work in weather like this . They have to get out in this and feed their animals and make sure the water is not frozen . Make sure one of the cows has not had a calf . It always seems to happen in bad weather . Farming can be a tough job and my hat is off to all of the fine people who are farmers . I also want to thank Doug and his family for the beef they donated to the church . I know they did not do this to recognized . I know they done that because they wanted to help . We are blessed to have them in our Sunday School class .

I know i write about this all the time but i really feel blessed for everybody in our class . You hear of people leaving a class for one reason or another but that is not the case with our class . We have a great group of people and who are eager to learn about God and a teacher who wants to teach . When all the serious things are taken care of we enjoy having fun with one another . If somebody is reading this and does not attend church we would love to have you at First Baptist Church of Greenwood we have three services 8:00 , 9:15 , and 10:45 . Hope to see you all Sunday !!

God Bless , Have a safe and wonderful day

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Philip said...

Believe it or not, I did get to venture out. But, when you see the hill, you do get a little bit intimidated. Now, back to work today...