Monday, December 29, 2008

The Craziness Is Over

I hope everybody had a great time during the Christmas Holiday . I enjoy the time off and the look on the kids face while they are opening their gifts . I also enjoy seeing people you have not seen in a while . It just wears me out going to over to eat and then running over here to eat and then running over there to eat . I do like to eat but this is to much eating and to much running . I am glad this craziness is over .

I know God really blessed my family . We had a great Christmas ! Dena and I both still have our jobs and no one in the family is sick . I would say we are blessed just based on those two things . I think the girls got most of what they wanted and then some . My wife got me a new watch and it is cool . This watch will keep me from turning on the TV to check the weather . We really had a great Christmas .

Time to get back to work and get our regular routine going again .

God Bless , I hope you have a great day !!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Jeb said...

Amen on the craziness. Amen on the food. What time is it, whats the temp, whats the barmetc pressure, what type of tp comes with it, and does it despence soap?