Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Story Begins

It all started on 7/26/1972 @8:06 P.M. . I weighed in @ a fat 9.4 lbs. with little hair ( not a lot has changed ) . On just my third day in this world my mom and dad decided that they did not want me . That turned out to be a blessing to me . I am not sure why they left me nor do i care , i am just glad they did . My grandma and grandpa Cantrell decided they would bring me home .They already had raised 7 kids of their own and still had two @ home . I was the 10th kid they raised . They did not have a lot of money but they had plenty of love . I know the money side was tough . My grandpa would do just about any job to make extra money . These were two wonderful people who taught me a lot about life .

I think the first time i ask about who my mom and dad was i was around 4 . I remember my grandpa telling me who my mom and dad are and they were sure that they loved me . I asked this question " then why did they leave me " . He was not sure why they had left me but he continued telling me that he was sure they loved me .Still today i am not buying that whole story . I know that is the right thing to tell a child but the fact is we all love our kids and would not leave them and hope somebody takes them home . Leaving a child is not the way to show them that you love them . I am sure i had more questions but i can not remember a lot from when i was four .

I remember my first year of school was really tough . My grandparents had not adopted me or anything like that . The school was wanting to know who had custody and who was responsible for me . So they had issues getting me started in school . Their last name was Cantrell and mine was Dolan that confused me as a child . There were kids who said man your parents are really old and i remember telling them that they were my grandparents and mom and dad . Sounds a little confusing .Well, the first part of my life was .

I would like to say Happy Birthday To Jana !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tune in for more Tomorrow . God Bless , Have a Great day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Philip said...

What is important is that your story is still being written and it is turning out to be a good one. Your a good man Jackie Dolan!

Mike said...

You sure do take it to heart when your Sunday School teacher talks, you listen. It's great that you are sharing your story with everyone! As Philip said, You're a good man Jackie Dolan. Thanks for being a great friend!

I used to think you just out grew your hair but now I think you were just born too tall for your hair.

Jeb said...

Round one was tuff to get thru. Round two is tuff as well. But when the story gets to round three and I come into the picture everything becomes all right.
No but really "Years of friendship has pasted!!!" "Many years to come" Thanks for the memories, Looking forward to more!!!