Sunday, November 30, 2008

It Is Over

I started this whole thing writing about deer hunting and that lead to writing about everything . The gun season has came to a end and so has the rut . I wish all my friends could have got a deer this season . Phillip shot his first deer this weekend but he could not find it . Sorry about that Phillip !!! I had a pretty good season this year and i have nothing to complain about . We had a lot of fun at our first annual Gun Slinger Deer Camp . We have a real great group of guys . We are looking for a lease or maybe a different place to camp next year . Keep your ears open and ask everybody if they know where we could hunt . I am open for any suggestions .

I would like to take this chance to say thank you to all my friends . We have a great group in our Sunday school class . I would like to invite everybody to our class @ 10:45 Sunday @ the rock room 202 . We will be blessed to have you .

God Bless, Have a wonderful day

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Jeb said...

BIG WHITE HUNTER KILLS ity bity deer. Congrats on a great hunting season. But I have to say the RUT is not over, well from me anyway. But the season has now began, time to season the killed meet and share with others less fortunate.