Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go Vote

Read your Bible and then go vote . If you do this i believe you will choose the right person . I have read and read and read and read and i could not find anywhere that it said it was ok to kill unborn children or same sex marriages . Please go vote !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We should take the time today and really cry out for help on this country . This is not what the King OF Kings and Lord of Lords had planned for this great nation .

God Bless , Have a great day


Mike said...

Actually, it may be exactly what the King of Kings had planned for this Nation. You know, the "Home of the free!", free to kill unborn children, free for Bob and Larry to get hitched, free for pornography to run rampant, the list goes on and on. Why in the world would God have mercy on a perverse Nation such as ours? I pray that God will find mercy on our Nation.

Jeb said...

I have to agree with Mike except I don't think Bob and Larry is referred to Bob the Tomatoe and Larry the Cucumber. (Is It?).
And I have to agree with Jackie. The Bible has no such thing written. The main things it takes about killings is the Stoning of same sex relations and murders. Hey maybe we should all get stoned and ... Sorry wrong story. Maybe we should bring back stoning. Chuck Norris would.