Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Second Thought

I told myself i was not going to vent this morning but i decided it would be better than keeping it all in . I was disappointed when i found out who our next president would be ( i wanted to cry). I went to bed and prayed for our country . I have not figured out how 90 percent of the people say they believe in God yet we can put a guy in office who believes in abortion and allowing jimmy to marry timmy instead of jack marring jill. He wants to take from the people who has worked hard to make a better life for themselves and give to those who are sucking the welfare system dry . If you think about it this is the people who went out and voted for him along with the really rich and really dumb people in this country . Do not want to make this personal with anybody , I just can not see any reason to vote for this guy unless you are on welfare or to lazy to work . Hey ,great idea we can raise the amount we pay people on welfare . This would give them a better reason to stay at home instead of going out and looking for a job or making more babies for the working people to pay for . If you want to look at it like the next president you can run down and have it aborted . This guy is going to give you changes but not the one's you want .

Hey , we are going to deer camp this weekend and shoot our Guns (I hope) . We will officially start the Lead Slingers Deer Camp 11/07/08 . Mike and I are taking off Friday so we can go down and set up camp . This will be a lot of fun . John is going to bring his son Conner this is always nice to see a father and son enjoying the great outdoors . We are having deer steak Saturday night and i believe someone is going to bring chili (not sure about the chili) . We are going to well have fun and hopefully shot some deer . I might send a picture of me shooting my gun to the soon to be president so he can see how much fun i have doing it . Enjoy life while you can . I am going to grab my stupid backpack and go somewhere .

God Bless, Have a great day

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