Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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The votes are in and Phillip Darr is the champion . This is the first time ever that a write in has won this award . Phillip won this running away ,sorry all you famous guys . Philip you have just won your self a round trip to the Sonic and your choice of any Route 44 drink you choose . Sometimes it pays to be a baaad man .

I have another question for guys and gals . I am not going to call any names in this whole story . There is a couple that was members of our Sunday School class that have a issue . I am worried about the father and son . The lady of the house really struggles with cooking . I am worried that the father and son could go hungry if any thing ever happened to their family . Let me tell you a few stories and see what you think . Just the other day her mom prepared everything that goes onto a club sandwich and she had to ask her sister and mom how to make a club sandwich . Just last night her husband and son had to run over to her sisters house and get some gravy from a package (the sister prepared the gravy ) because she burnt hers . There are many more stories i could tell but i think those two makes the point . One other thing i would like to mention is it a bad thing when the father and son starts their bed time prayer with Dear God Thank You For Fast Food and Family members cooking . The husband is a pretty good cook i might add . When he gets home after a 12 hour day and cleaning the garage (they keep their puppy in) ,doing the laundry,cleaning the house ,and giving their son a bath he is just to tired to cook . Should we buy her basic cook books or should they just stick with Microwave meals ? I guess he loves his wife as Jesus loved the church and then some if that is possible (i do not think it is possible but sounded good when i thought it ) . I am not going to get into tjhat whole submit thing again . I do not want to upset any of the guys .

God Bless , Have A Great Day And A Wonderful Thanksgiving
Please remember to give all thanks to God because he gave his son for all of our sins . Invite someone church or take the time to tell them that God loves them ( that might be what they need to hear ). If you have any prayer request please let me know i will spread the word . It will be wonderful to hear the words Well Done My Good And Faithful Servant .


Jeb said...

Sounds to me that you are reasonably close to the dad and son. I suggest that you build on an extra room and ask them to move in. Then maybe he would clean, laundry, mow grass, etc. Tell me what you think.

Philip said...

I would like to thank the academy. I don't try being bad, it just seems to come naturally to me.