Friday, November 21, 2008

Jeb and More

Guys and Gals i have known Jeb for a long time . I am not real sure exactly how long . We called off the meeting at the town square @ high noon on Saturday and decided we would just continue meeting @ church on Sunday and Wednesday . Jeb made the statement that he wanted to be a hero the other day and i know we were all having a little fun with the whole thing . Let me tell you this guy is a hero just like many of you reading this blog . Yes, he was picked on when we were younger and had more hair but everybody still liked Jebber . This is a guy willing to donate his time to help others even if it means putting something he wants on the back burner for a while . He takes his kids to church ,teaches them about God ,loves his kids and wife ,he teaches other peoples kids about God on Wednesday nights,fills in for others on Sunday when they are gone, member of the Air National Guard (all our soldiers should be looked @ as Hero's),he helps coach Mason's teams , helps with Upward , and he painted Allie some H.M. guitars on her wall . I thank Jeb for doing that for me and her . She really loves it . I believe it is the little things that makes people hero's.

Hey , i went and had lunch with Allie the other day and i thought for a minute that had made a wrong turn . I mean is this a school or a Marine boot camp . The kids can not talk they can not even look around . This is what i heard while i was there .If your mouth is a moving you had better be chewing . If you are finished eating put your head down and keep your mouth closed .Give me a break i know we can not let them be out of control but News Flash they are kids . I can not wait for a new millage stating the school needs more money so they can buy orange jump suits for the kids and put barbed wire around the top of the fence at the play ground . Allie is in the first grade and she brings home work that i was not doing until the fourth grade . I know we all want are kids to have the best education but i believe there is a point we got to let them be kids . Has anybody took a look at what kids are doing now days . They bringing guns to school shooting people and killing themselves . I am not saying any of our kids are going to do this because they all have good home lives . Can you imagine if the kid only looked forward to school because he had a bad home life . Just for the record i am not upset over bad grades . Allie is doing great in school and loves it . I just realized the other day how much things had changed at the schools . Let me say this all the teachers that i know and have met are really good people and they have to follow rules also . So remember if you ever go to Westwood for lunch be sure that you keep it down . Kids need to be kids not soldiers . Attention or is that Detention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greenwood's Mayor might need one of the orange jump suits !!!!!!!!

God Bless, Have a great day and weekend


Jeb said...

Thanks for the up lifting blog. I guess now I won't tell everyone that you shop at Michael's. OOPS I just did sorry. For some reason I can not delete words once I put them in here. Thanks for the life long friendship.

Mike said...

MICHAELS??? Please don't tell me he shops at Home World too! ha ha